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Author: Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis

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With humour, honesty and an evidence-based approach, best-selling author and nutritionist Meghan Telpner and her husband Josh Gitalis, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, are simplifying what it takes to achieve optimal health. Become empowered as your own best health expert. Today is the day!
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Learn more about Everyday Herbal at  Today we’re sharing our top 3 herbs everyone should have on hand for herbal first aid. SHOW NOTES:  COURSE DETAILS:   In this episode we cover: - When to use herbal first aid remedies - A powerful herb that might be growing in your backyard (or your neighbour’s) - Meghan’s favourite first aid (and everyday herb) that she’d take to a desert island - The plant that everyone needs to have in their kitchen - An all healing remedy you’re likely buying but could easily be making yourself
Learn more about Everyday Herbal at Today is the day we’re sharing a taste of our brand new course with our favourite ways to integrate herbal remedies into everyday cooking and living. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS:  In this episode we cover: - How to take your broth to the next level - Meghan’s secret to an extra super powered smoothie and elixir - What is a tincture - How to integrate tinctures into daily life - A powerful way to increase nutrition and flavor of your salads.
In this final episode of Season One of the Today is the Day Podcast we are answering listener questions: Is a vegan diet really better for the environment, the future of health and the hardest part of working in the health field. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's Episode Covers: How producing and eating meat affects your health and the environment What nutrients you’re actually missing out on if you cut meat out of your diet. Being outgoing about your specialized diet in a world that’s set against it. How to explain the benefits of a healthier diet to your children. What Josh and Meghan’s daily routines look like, from fitness to eating to work. How they think—and hope—the health and wellness industry will develop in the near future. Why Meghan and Josh actually disagree on the effectiveness of tech and apps with regards to health. The hardest lesson they’ve had to learn in the course of their health journey. What Josh and Meghan have found to be the most fulfilling aspect of their search for healthier living.
Today is the day we’re conquering the big question: What the heck should we eat?  SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's Episode Covers: Why different bodies have different dietary needs. Diving into popular diets such as raw, vegan, vegetarian, whole food plant based (WFPB), lectin-free, paleo and keto. Why the lack of indigenous diet in Western culture has led to so many dietary protocols. How cutting out fast and processed foods can have the biggest positive effect on your health. Why a diet that works for you right now might be the wrong thing for your body a few years from now. Some simple recipe adapting skills.
We’re going to help resolve one of the biggest barriers to great health- the essential nutrient of deep sleep. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's Episode Covers: What is the glymphatic system and it’s role in restorative sleep Understanding the root causes of poor sleep How your morning routine could be affecting your sleep The affect certain foods may be having on your sleep When it may be time to turn to supplements and which ones are safe and what should be avoided Some extra special sleep supportive elixir recipes
We’re diving in to mysterious and patience testing world of feeding little ones whole and healthy food, with our best strategies for raising adventurous eaters. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's episode covers: When to start varying flavors in the diet Best strategies for food introduction for infants, toddlers, kids, and grown ups too! Importance of attitude and environment around meal time The nutritional importance of seasoning food from the start How to sneak in the good stuff When to start getting kids involved in the cooking process
Today is the day we’re diving in to the strangely contentious topic of gluten - ultimately to answer the question of whether gluten-free eating is just a passing fad, or if there is evidence to support whether this vilified little group of proteins really should be avoided. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's episode covers:: What gluten actually is. The different types of responses in the body. Why there seems to be an increase in gluten sensitivity – and is this even real?. What portion of the population is actually reacting to gluten. Why for some people, eliminating gluten may not be enough. When eliminated, how long it takes to see results. And our best tips to help you stick to a gluten-free diet.
Today is the day we’re diving in to the topic of superfoods, the real superheroes that are widely accessible and can easily be part of an everyday diet. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's episode covers: What qualities really make a food a super food Why we’re not fans of the trendy powdered products How food can truly be our medicine The environmental impact of popular superfoods Our top picks for everyday super foods and how you can start using them in your cooking
We’re having an important and practical conversation about food labels. We’ll be decoding what all those nutrition labels, and health claims really mean so that you will never again be fooled by the label. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's episode covers: Why understanding food labels have become so confusing. What the most common labels actually means and why most should be ignored. The few labels that are worth knowing and looking out for. How trendy dietary labels are making us blind to what actually matters. The 2 most important things to consider when making food choices.
We’re exploring auto-immune diseases and the common misconception, that once diagnosed, there isn’t much we can do. SHOW NOTES: COURSE DETAILS: FREE TRAINING: Today's episode covers: The medical approach to auto-immune disease. Why there has been a 3-400% increase over the last 50 years. The 3-factors associated with all auto-immune diseases. Whether a cure is possible. The multi-prong approach to recovery. The first steps you can take if you or someone you know is currently suffering or awaiting a diagnosis.
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Nicha Petrakos

Thank you! This is my favorite episode so far. It often feels like my own doctors don't take my gluten sensitivity seriously. This episode was so refreshing. I look forward to reading all of the show links and adding some great recipes to my diet. I actually have a big problem with eating out in my area, even when I call ahead. I've ended up sick more times than I can count or worse sitting awkwardly at a table full of people with nothing to eat. Things have gotten easier since I had to give up gluten, dairy, and soy in 2012, but there is still a long way to go. Please continue to do exactly what you are doing to educate, inform, and help people who don't understand what is going on with their bodies. Many thanks!

Jul 16th
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Nicha Petrakos

I love this podcast! Keep the essential info coming. You are doing important work, and changing lives in the process.

Jul 11th
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