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Hi everyone! I'm Patrick 'Mad' Mork, founder of Mad Mork Stories and Startup CEO Coach. I'm a 3 time Chief Marketing officer, former global head of marketing for Google play and 25 year marketing veteran.

mad mork stories is all about the world of marketing, tech, startups and careers. In this podcast you can expect to hear:

- Interviews with tech founders, CEO's and top CMO's
- Marketing best practices
- How to build and drive your Vision, Culture and teams
- Mixing all this up to create a cocktail for your ideal career!

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24 Episodes
"We're not IN traffic. We ARE the traffic"  - Brad Bao.  Traffic.  We all experience it.  We all hate it.  Back in 2014 it was estimated that Americans wasted an astronomical 6.9 billion hours in traffic.  Even at minimum wage ($7.25 / hour), that's a staggering $50 billion dollars in wasted productivity.  The solution?  Simple: We need to get people to stop using cars. But rather than talk about it, Brad Bao and fellow co-founder, Toby Sun, decided to do something about it.   They started Limebike (now Lime) back in early 2017 with the idea to get Americans to travel the "last mile" to their destination using bikes they could unlock with their smartphones and leave anywhere.  Last year they saw an opportunity with electric scooters and the rest is history. Since then the company  has redefined the term "fast growth".  Lime has clocked in over 50 million rides, launched in 100 cities across 4 continents (including right here in my hometown of Santiago, Chile) and is estimated to be worth a jaw dropping $2.4 billion according to their latest round of funding (investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital, Uber and Google).  As for me personally?  For the first time in my life and after 31 years of driving, I decided to run a test and not own a car in Santiago.  I use Lime to get to work and all my meetings.  And guess what?  I get to meetings on time, have less stress and even get to feel like a kid again.  I've never been happier. But what does it take to really build a great company that's changing the face of urban transportation?  I interview my long time friend and co-founder Brad Bao in this exclusive podcast and the answers might surprise you.  We talk Vision, Culture and what it takes to hire and retain great people in the most competitive place on earth.  Brad even shares some start up tips and valuable wisdom for would-be founders. Enjoy!   --- Support this podcast:
Every meeting it's the same old story:  Revenue, growth, profits, numbers, sales, customers and forecasts.  The whole world seems to run on numbers and metrics seem to guide our every waking moment. But is management really looking at the right numbers?  In this podcast I'll talk about the Customer Journey.  What it is?  How it's broken down and why it matters.  I'll also discuss why many managers aren't looking at the metrics that matter most and risk running a business that, while profitable, isn't sustainable long term.   So let's talk about metrics.  Marketing metrics and why they might just matter more to your business than sales or profits.   Enjoy this podcast?  Make sure to subscribe and share it and any contributions, no matter how small, are welcome.  In addition don't forget to follow us on Facebook (, Linkedin (, Instagram (@madmork) and of course check out our blog at!.  Enjoy the podcast.   --- Support this podcast:
How important is empathy as a skill in business? What is the business impact of better empathy and how do we measure it? How can we practice empathy and what can our business leaders do to become more empathetic? And what will be the potential when you marry Artificial Intelligence (AI) with empathy? Join me as I interview award-winning author and renowned speaker, Minter Dial, as we attempt to answer some of these questions and discuss his new book: Heartificial Empathy: Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence which is available exclusively on If you're interested in improving your business performance, building better products, engaging your customers and curious about the potential behind Artificial Intelligence and Empathy, you won't want to miss this podcast! For more about mad mork stories, high impact executive coaching for startups make sure you: Check out my blog, Follow me on Instagram @madmork, follow me on Facebook and Twitter (@Madmork) to catch my live events and sign up to our newsletter! --- Support this podcast:
Where does self confidence come from? What is the neuroscience behind what it is and how we develop it? More importantly, what can we do to build our self confidence to propel us forward in order to achieve the things that each one of us wants to live healthier, happier lives? In this podcast, I share the story of April Holmes, a 2008 Gold Medal Winner at the Paralympic Games in Beijing who I met earlier this year. April is an amazing person who bounced back from a devastating injury to become a world class athlete. I discuss the science behind self confidence. Where it comes from and what are the things that determine how much of it we have. Finally, I talk about tools and tips you can immediately start using to build your own self confidence based on research, tools I've used for myself and techniques I've used with my own clients. I hope you enjoy this podcast and, as always, please subscribe, share and leave any comments on my Facebook page ( and also make sure you follow me on Twitter @madmork and on my blog ( Enjoy! mad mork --- Support this podcast:
How do you change cities or countries? How do you deal with moving to an entirely new place with new people, culture and even a new language? Human beings love their comfort and we yearn for stability but the only way we grow is by stretching ourselves and often that means leaving behind what we know and moving to a new city or country. In this video I share where I finally ended up after living Silicon Valley, where I worked in tech and startups for 10 years. I also talk about coping with massive change and the process and tools I've used to adapt to a new country, culture and language I also share 5 key tips that I use whenever I move countries / cities (after living in 11 countries, I've developed some experience in this domain) So I hope you enjoy this podcast, find it useful and perhaps, even start to think about stepping out of your own comfort zone and embracing the possibility of moving and living in an entirely new city or country. I hope you enjoy this podcast. If you haven't already, please subscribe and share this podcast. You can also catch the video of this podcast on or read the post on enjoy! Patrick 'Mad' Mork. --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes the most powerful decisions we make are also the hardest. For me, at 46, with 9 years in Silicon Valley, friends, a strong network and a new business, June 29th was Judgement Day. My ex wife wanted to return to her home country, some 8,000 miles away and with her would go my kids. For some the decision to leave would be easy but for me, and for others caught on the treadmill of Tech glory, leaving is never easy. So how did I make the call? What was my thought process and how did my experience both as a coach and being coached help make this decision easier. This podcast is all about how I came to the realization that it was time for new challenges and adventures. I hope it helps anyone in a similar position - whether it's a job you hate, a bad relationship, or a situation which simply infringes on the very values that make you who you are. The answer is always in plain site. You just might not see it. Enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe to this podcast. For more great content on marketing, tech and living a career of meaning and impact make sure to also check out my blog: as well as my Facebook page: Enjoy and good luck! mad mork --- Support this podcast:
There comes a time, in the life of every successful startup, that marketing becomes simply to complex, expensive, and vast to manage. So the question every startup CEO and/or board must face is: When do we hire a Chief Marketing Officer? and: What type of person should we hire and what do they need to do? I've been a CMO a long time and have seen some boards and CEOs handle this well and others struggle and fail at the task. In this podcast I discuss: 1. When you should consider hiring a CMO 2. What type of CMO you should consider 3. The organizational capabilities a CMO needs to be able to address Enjoy and feel free to comment or share. If you haven't already, make sure you subscribe to this podcast and donations are always welcome ;) Don't forget to also check out my blog on and visit me on Thanks! --- Support this podcast:
Why are we often unable to power through what we KNOW we need to get done? What are the core things we NEED to know before taking action to see our dreams become reality? What kind of tools and frameworks can we use to accelerate change in our lives? I've spent many months now reading, listening and talking to many people about how they're able to make massive changes in their lives which seem insurmountable to many of us. Change is actually simple to start but hard to see through. In this podcast I discuss some frameworks and tools that I've come across and that I use each and every day to make the changes I need in my life. I hope they can help you too! I hope you enjoy this podcast. If you haven't already, subscribe the channel and share it with others. Make sure you also visit us on and check out my posts on startups, marketing and living careers of meaning and impact on Have a great week! --- Support this podcast:
Many of us often struggle to make the progress we would like in our personal lives. Whether it's losing weight, going to the gym, saving for college, making a career change or developing personal relationships we often sacrifice our personal lives at the expense of our professional lives. How how do we change that? How can we make progress on what we want in a way that's more structured, methodical and yet doable. By setting SMART goals. That's how. In this podcast I talk about why setting personal goals is critical to our well being. I also talk about SMART goals, what they are, how they work and how I specifically used the SMART goal methodology to deliver on one of my own personal goals. Finally, I'll talk about other tips to make SMART goals really work for you even more powerfully in a way that's simple and easy. Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and you can even support me know if you like. Also check out and for more --- Support this podcast:
How do you manage a career that takes you from Rapper to the "Rapper of Wall Street" to VP Marketing at Sonos before the age of 30? Meet Allen Mask. Allen loves to live life on the edge and is just one of those guys who enjoys being comfortably uncomfortable. His passion is music, his strength is his faith and his quest for growth has taken him from musical entrepreneur to working at Goldman Sachs, Google, Airbnb and now Sonos. Today's podcast explores Allen's career, passion, learnings and the decisions that helped shape who he is today and led to him being nominated to the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2018. I hope you enjoy this podcast and make sure you subscribe to this and future episodes to hear amazing interviews, career wisdom and start up lessons. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter @madmork and on Enjoy! Stuck in your career? Book an exploratory session and see what career transformation could be like on facebook/madmorkstories! --- Support this podcast:
We use this skill every day. Multiple times a day. - When ask our kids to brush their teeth, we use it - When we negotiate our alimony, we use it - When we ask our boss for a raise, we use it - When we're trying to get a client to buy a software package, we use it So what can the story of a 19 year old, selling plush animals on the hot summer streets of Brussels, Belgium in the 1990's, teach us about this life skill that universities and business school's fail to teach us? In this podcast I share my first experience in sales doing direct sales for an animal rights NGO as well as madmork's 10 golden rules for selling which I've learned, sometimes the hard way, over 25 years of career in marketing and sales. The simplicity of these rules might surprise you but the rules are timeless. Here's to serving vs. selling! Be sure to subscribe to this and our YouTube channel. Also check out and for more great content. --- Support this podcast:
How do extreme life stories help shape entrepreneurs and enable us to make seismic career changes? This is the story of how my family moved to Mexico city and my experience being thrust into a Mexican school at 10 years old being the only 'gringo' in the school and with only 3-4 months of Spanish lessons as part of my preparation for school. What happened? What did I learn? How did this crazy experience shape who I am today and help toughen my skin? Sometimes, in order to leap into the unknown and push ourselves to really pursue our passions, we have to step outside of our comfort zone and really stretch ourselves. This is a story of how I survived one of the toughest years of my life and an experience which helped define my ability to withstand adversity. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast for more stories and follow me on and for more content and live events. --- Support this podcast:
Why do we celebrate Independence Day ? What does the 4th of July represent for Americans? The 4th of July is a reflection of the values that we hold dear. Those values give us meaning, purpose and direction. The same is true in our careers. There are many reasons 70% of Americans are unhappy at work, but part of the reason is because our career, job or employer doesn't align with our values. If day-in, day-out we find ourselves sacrificing our values to that all-mighty paycheck, our pride and confidence suffer. So for this 4th of July, I'm giving all my listeners two easy exercises that you can do on your own to start to more deeply understand what your values are and how they align (or not) with our career. Once you have those, you're one step closer to finding the career you love. Happy 4th of July! Be sure and subscribe to the podcast and check out for more great career content as well as my live events on --- Support this podcast:
We all have dreams. Big things we want to do. Sadly, most of us get stuck. We have the best intentions, we try, we want to make it happen. We start, we slow down, then we stop. How do we keep ourselves going when things get tough? What's the trick that enables some people to do extraordinarily things while others struggle? This podcast isn't about marketing, CMO's or startups. It's about a tool that I've been developing that helps me achieve what I want from life. I call it the 5P's and in this podcast I'm going to share with you what it is, why it works and how to use it. I also share a really deep and personal story that happened to me a few weeks ago. One of the toughest things I've ever done and how I used this tool to push through and achieve this thing that I'd worked for the past 2 years to achieve. Subscribe to this podcast, follow me @madmork on Twitter, visit my blog and Here's to being awesome! --- Support this podcast:
Why does motivation matter? How does it affect us when we have lots of it or when we run out? Motivation is a huge factor that determines our success. It can enable us to achieve the impossible and achieve our dreams. In this podcast I discuss why motivation matters, particularly for entrepreneurs and founders and I also share my own tips and tricks on staying motivated. madmork's tips are tried and tested tactics I've learned, tested and applied over the past 2 decades of my own career across both fortune 500 companies like Pepsi and Google as well as with startups right here in Silicon Valley. Successful people all seem amazing at staying motivated but the reality is they all struggle just like the rest of us. The difference? The tricks they use and the people they surround themselves with! If you're a senior marketing executive interested in coaching, check out my blog at and www. Stay motivated! --- Support this podcast:
In 2015, Business Insider pronounced Evernote as the first "Dead Unicorn". There was speculation that despite its enormous popularity, the productivity app might not make it. In this interview, I talk with Andrew Malcolm (Malc), Evernote's chief marketing officer and one of the principal architects behind Evernote's turnaround and reemergence as one of the top productivity apps with more than 225 million users and an astounding 8 billion notes created. We discuss Andrew's unusual marketing career (he started in private equity with no experience in marketing), his experience as head of marketing at Skype (including how to piss of the world's most powerful social media executive) and how you balance data-driven analytics with modern day storytelling (yes - it can be done!). We also discuss how the role of the CMO in the C-suite has changed, how product and product marketing can work together to create amazing customer experiences and what works and what doesn't. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
How is performance marketing impacting marketing spend? How can CMO's rethink the balance of performance vs. brand spend? How is data impacting decision-making in companies? How do you use mobile / digital to cut through the noise? In this latest episode, I interview Pablo Slough, Google's global head of education for Google Marketing Services, to get the answers. We even talk about Google's latest announcements at Google I/O 2018! We talk about the future of digital marketing. What major trends are impacting marketer's ability to reach users and how data and analytics are impacting marketing best practices. Pablo shares tips and insights from large, well established companies like Coke and Target and how CMO's can approach the difficult game of balancing performance vs. brand marketing. We also discuss how brands can use valuable free content to pave the way to building strong relationships with customers. You won't want to miss this exciting interview. Listen now! --- Support this podcast:
Societies focus on doing things quickly to get results fast often gets us into trouble. Nowhere is this more true than in start-up land and in business in general. In this podcast, I discuss the implications of moving too fast in business and the problems it can cause for us. I draw from practical experience both as chief marketing officer in a tech startup as well as during my time at Google supporting the launch of some of our products to provide examples. I also offer practical steps you can take to get more done, execute on your goals properly while slowing down enough to enroll others, get help and buy-in. Here, I draw from real examples I've had with clients where they actually "slowed down" to "speed up" and share the results. If you're concerned about the consequences of moving way too fast and need a practical step-by-step framework to slow things down and get your sanity back, this is the podcast for you! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and like me on FB! --- Support this podcast:
How do you succeed in the brutally competitive $45 billion mobile games industry? How do you compete with the marketing budgets of giants like Netflix, Supercell and Spotify? In this interview, I chat with former professional basketball player, Angry Birds marketer and SVP of Marketing at Seriously, Phil Hickey. Seriously's hit game, Best Fiends, ranks among the top 100 games in gross revenue in both the App Store and Google play with over $150,000 per day in revenue and 1M+ daily active players. Phil shares with me how the industry has changed, how Seriously built Best Fiends into an entertainment brand and how marketing mobile games has evolved since they launched the game 3 years ago. Most importantly, he shares how Seriously's non-traditional marketing style focused on branding, storytelling, characters and influencer marketing has made them one of the most popular games on the planet. You won't want to miss this ;) --- Support this podcast:
We all use this word. Every day. In many different contexts. It exists for a reason but in the wrong context, especially for founders, marketers or people thinking big and trying to make a difference, this one word is not your friend. As a matter of fact, this word = ambiguity and ambiguity = lack of action and lack of action means you're not moving forward. Here's one word we need to banish if we're serious about our dreams and here are my tips and stories about how I'm actually changing my vocabulary to reduce my use of this word and power through with what I need to get done. Can you guess what it is? mad mork --- Support this podcast:
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