DiscoverLiveFit Radio Podcast with Derek Kuryliw💪💪
LiveFit Radio Podcast with Derek Kuryliw💪💪
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LiveFit Radio Podcast with Derek Kuryliw💪💪

Author: Derek Kuryliw, fitness Yoda :)

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We are so excited to introduce our new fitness podcast, client interviews, behind the scenes client meetings, trainer and workout planning and so much more.

In each installment you will...
✔ hear exact tips and strategies recommended to our top client transformations 📃🤔
✔learn new recipes to integrate into your meal plan 🍽🍳
✔hear real life examples of client stratgies to burn more fat 💪
✔healthy lifestyle habits implemented into daily lives of real people!🤸

Our goal is to give you the best possible look into our lives, our clients successes/struggles interviews and entertain you!
71 Episodes
Too many people are waiting for the right time, the right guy, the right workout. You will never know the alternative once you make a decision. every right or wrong choice gathers information, experience, knowledge, power and ammunition that you can use in the future. Stop wasting time and make a choice!
Cheat Meal Diet Hack 😋

Cheat Meal Diet Hack 😋


Super easy diet hack to save your cheat meals and cheat weekends. The best part? No regrets afterwards!
Why you keep FAILING with diets, or are DIETS FAILING YOU? This is probably the most honest, raw and real talk about the problem with ALL diet options you're currently considering. Only YOU can create your own perfect diet, and this is how...
In this first podcast episode in months, find out what's been going on behind the scenes day to day. Find out WHY there hasn't been a new podcast in months and why now is the right time. If you've struggled with sharing dreams with others, only to fall short, this is the episode for you! What does it mean to Live Fit? it means always having enough energy to play with your kids. It means always having enough strength to take a flight of stairs or pick up your grandkids. It means having enough endurance do not have to wait for the closest parking spot or join your family at a theme park.LiveFit is not a quick fix, a crash diet or short-term gimmick.We only teach healthy strategies and solutions to help you achieve your biggest fitness goals in a realistic timeline by doing things that are maintainable, sustainable and measurable for the rest of your life.This 75 day program is intended to help you build momentum and develop healthy habits and rituals in your day-to-day life. You will do this by setting short-term and long-term goals, and emphasizing accountability by using technology to keep you on track.
When you eat less, your body goes into survival mode!!The leaner you get, the more you'll likely need to eat to keep the fire burning hot. Fuel your body's fire!!!
How to "Control Energy and Appetite Fluctuations" while dieting. The answer might surprise you and is WAY easier than you expect!
Why Macros are SO Important

Why Macros are SO Important


Why are macros so important? Not enough calories = not enough energyToo many calories = too much fat gainYou need to find the perfect range that works for you to provide a healthy and safe deficit while still being able to perform optimally!
What's a macro? If you've STRUGGLED LOSING WEIGHT, this might be what's missing 😡🤷🏻‍♀️😡🤷🏻‍♀️Knowing what you're FUELING YOUR BODY with is essential for creating a deficit and a 🔥FAT BURNING ENVIRONMENT🔥 for your metabolism. I'm also happy to hear Kristen Zammit has dropped 6 pounds in the last week making this 1 change!!💪❤️
So you messed up this weekend huh? It's no big deal!Even though your brain, conscious and motivation is telling you something differently today. It's okay to have a slip-up, it's okay to have a moment of weakness, it's okay to live a little.What we all need to remember is that it happens to all of us and the best of us. Anyone who has made a successful transformation, has also had a successful sabotage weekend of eating!The thing to keep in mind is that you need to swing the pendulum back in the other direction to start creating a rebound of weight loss as soon as possible.What's amazing and also a huge confidence killer, is that you can lose 10 lb over the course of 10 weeks but then gained back 5-7 pounds in the matter of days. Just remember that it is almost impossible to eat 10 lbs of fat in just a couple of days. You are noticing the additional body weight because of sodium, carbohydrates, water retention and all sorts of other scientific phenomena happening inside your body's cells and muscles!Think about what fat looks like for a second. Think of a giant pot roast marbled with fat. Did you eat 8 pounds about this weekend? Doubt it. And if you did then you might want to consider competing against Joey Chestnut in this year's Fourth of July Nathan's hot dog eating contest!The best thing you can do is get back to your foundation as soon as possible and stay patient with the process...
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