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Author: Jonathan Kahn & Roy Povarchik

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Are you a startup or tech company looking for free growth, content or creative advice? Jonathan Kahn and Roy Povarchik offer up marketing & creatives advice, tips, and tricks and have fun doing it. Sometimes even without being asked too.

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Running surveys and conducting user interviews are one of the most critical things you can do to ensure the health of your product and reaching product market fit.Without product market fit - you can grow slowly, but not exponentially.Last week, Jonathan and I decided to run a survey and get some real feedback on how what do our listeners feel about Strike Gold. We wanted to understand what are the changes we can make that can get our listeners from liking us - to loving us and being more keen to share the episodes with their friends and colleagues. Most importantly - we talk about how to run a survey, how to handle results with small sample size (under a 100 responses specifically) and share the questions we used, why and more. What you’ll learn: What questions should you ask when running a surveyHow to analyse results for a small sample surveyWhat questions we asked (and answered we got) What made us run a survey (and when should you)What should you do with your survey results?
Donna Griffit is by far one of the best storytellers experts in the tech industry. period. full stop. From turning executives’ Linkedin’s profile upside down to building pitch decks that get companies funded and compelling the stories that made some of the world’s most well-known companies skyrocket (and one spaceship) - she’s done it all. If you think I’m hyping our guest - you can just visit her website and break your finger while scrolling to what seems like an infinite scroll of testimonials.In this episode, Donna shares why a good is a bigger asset to your company than you imagine and how it can literally change your entire company’s path. Think about a situation where every investor is actually rooting for your company because your caught their attention, or every person you have a small talk with becomes an advocate for your company. Yup, a good story can do that!Plunge into this week’s episode to learn how to craft your company’s story and get more attention. In this episode you’ll learn:What does storytelling mean for a startupWhy having a good story early on will change your company’s pathHow to tell if your story is good or notThe rules for creating a winning & compelling storyWhat are the ancient story archetypes will all loveHow to think about your story for B2B and B2C companiesHow Donna used value-giving to get her brand out there Lessons from working with major global tech brands
Efrat Fenigson had quite a journey before assuming the CMO role at futuristic drone company Airobotics. From being a programmer at a leading gaming company (Hi there Spongebob game!) in Australia through a series of impressive marketing roles to co-founding her latest initiative G-CMO, Efrat’s story is a combination of self development and amazing marketing insights. In this episode you’ll learn:How to start marketing in a niche market The importance of really knowing your target audienceWhy online surveys aren’t good enough when it comes to building personasThe process for branding and positioning your startup as an industry leaderHow to think strategy before tacticsWhat are the key differences between someone who’s a good marketer and a good CMOThe future of CMO’sWhat you need to become a great CMOBuilding a personal brand
In this episode we have the co-founder of the creative agency Officer & Gentleman Alex Katz, talking about their creative process and working with one of their most unique clients - PornHub.While Pornhub has become the standard name when it comes to talking about “porn sites”, their marketing is much more than that. The work Alex and his team has done with the site has turned watching porn from being a secret people are embraced about to a brand Kanye West reps for. So how did Pornhub went from being  “another porn aggregator” to a cultural phenomena? Listen to this episode to find out!What you’ll learn:1. How to seize opportunities to find your next clients 2. How to market with “earned media’ in mind3. Choosing the creative process based on end goals. 4. How to understand trends to improve your marketing5. Going from Taboo to mainstream 6. How Alex Katz made Pornhub a legitimate brand 7. How to work with data to build your marketingCampaigns mentioned in this episode:SexInstruments The WankbandPornhub insightsBangfitFuck your period
Josh Levine works at at Brand Marketing and is responsible to help market Zappos's culture externally and help small startups and companies to grow their culture organically by uncovering what they are passionate about and their core values.In this episode, Josh shares main lessons and insights from how Zappos operates and fosters a culture of innovation and experiments. He also shares the core values and tactics that help the company become really user-centric at scale. In this episode you’ll learn: - Why Zappos think of themselves as a “service company that just happens to sell shoes” - How does Zappos empower their employees to come up with new ideas (and own them) - How to keep accountability when working with a Holacracy - How to get your customers to feel like they are a part of something bigger - How to create a company that truly is “customer first”-centric- Why experiment fostering company is the key to growth- What’s Zappos secret on-boarding process?- The influencers formal vs informal dress code- Zappos’ unique strategy to share information with employees
Between super growth hacks and helping brands and governments fight fake news, a bootstrap company has managed to grow to 700k users strong.In this episode, Ran and Netanel, 2 of the company co-founders join us to talk about building a boostrap company, fake news and how they use processes, automation, and providing value to grow their company.In this episode you’ll learn - How fake news work on Twitter - How use Quora to generate leads using influencers- How to turn “non-convertors” into advocates- How use viral loops to harness user engagement to grow their audience - How to get more testimonials and reviews using value- How to stay sharp and prioritize
Managing Facebook ads at a scale is a whole different art than managing small budgeted campaigns. Azriel’s Facebook Advertising agency has worked with over 100 client worldwide, including SaaS startups, eCommerce, brands and what not.In this time, his agency has dealt with anything from zero to none- budgeted campaigns to large scale well over the 100K monthly budgets. In this episode, Azriel shares his workflow to optimising funnels and shares tips on scaling up your Facebook campaigns (with strategies for both B2C & B2B)What you’ll learn:  - Why Facebook’s new CBO is  good for newbies and bad for experts.- How to leverage CBO to optimize your campaigns (and why you should start now)- Arzriel’s workflow with new clients - What’s the on thing you have to do before scaling your campaigns. - How to scale your campaign if you’re a B2C (or e-commerce).- How to scale your campaign if you’re a B2B startup - Tweaking creatives vs. tweaking budgets.
Making data drive decisions can be the difference between having your product completely fail and wining over the competition.In this episode Otniel Ben Amara, data scientist & engineer. Co-founder of the Data Agency Dojo BI, stops by to talk to us about working with data to improve your product.We talk about anything ranging from when should you hire your first data analysts and how to scale your team to how to query your data and finding your A-ha moment to reach product market fit.In this episode you’ll learn: - How to define your A-ha moment based on data - The basics on how to think and approach your data - How ‘Houseparty’ found their A-ah moment  - When should you hire your first data analyst - What’s the formula to the company size-data analysts ratio.- How to turn data into growth insights - Why your onboarding the most crucial moment for your product
Elad Levy , now CMO of Fixel, has gone a long way to from being a marketing Junior to the Technical Marketing expert he is today. In this episode Elad talks about his work in Fixel and gaining technical knowledge as a marketer. He also talks about the transition from being a “tactical” marketer to adopting a wider strategic marketing perspective, how to find marketing opportunities as a small marketing team and why you should refer to yourself as a small company and not a startup. In this episode you’ll learn: - Why calling yourself a startup is great for investors, bad for marketing - What are the two technical skills every marketer needs to hone  - How to prfioritize marketing efforts to spot the best opportunity - How Fixel hacked a conference to build super targeted offers  - Why you should start with things you can automate and scale first.
Did you watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did. You wanted to see all those ads didn’t you?In this episode , Roy & Jonathan (AKA “we”) go through the Super Bowl ads that made an impact on us - good (You did good Pampers!) and bad (yes, we’re looking at you TurboFax creepy ad!).So what were the best commercials (and why) and who creeped us out? And who did we think just shows plain out disrespect to the legacy?Yup, we talk about it all in the week’ episode. Also! We were honoured to have Rise’s star and Super male model Blake Korman with us! Here are some of the ads we’ve mentionedTide Superbowl ad 2018Persil ProCleanTurboTaxStella ArtoisWixPepsiBud Light (Game of Thrones crossover)KIAPringlesMercedes-Benz USAWashington PostMichelob UltraBubly 
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