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Author: Jonathan Kahn & Roy Povarchik

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Strike Gold is a marketing podcast hosted by Jonathan Kahn and Roy Povarchik.

Each Monday, join Roy and Jonathan, for a new hour-long episode with some of the top marketers and growth experts.

Learn how to grow your startup from companies such as Amazon, Elementor, Ahreds, Backlinko,, Zappos and more.
43 Episodes
This episode is all about community, and how the UK focused Cashback startup Boom25 built a community of over 250K Raving fans with over 77% engagement. Boom25’s Head of business development Yaniv Rozen and head of marketing, Avinoam Abramowitz join us to talk about the journey to disrupt the UK cashback market and finding their early-stage channel market fit. Boom 25 is an Israeli-based UK focused startup that’s revolutionizing the CashBack market by emphasizing the user experience and user relationship.  In our talk, we discuss the challenges of building a company in an industry where it’s hard to create trust in and how they’ve developed a thriving community that is much more than online shopping and discounts.
In this week’s episode of Strike Gold, we speak with Joshua Hardwick, head of content at Ahrefs, a company that develops SEO tools and resources to grow your search traffic. Our conversation well left us speechless! This episode is little the antichrist of the growth hacking bible - but a very interesting lesson in making brave marketing choices.
In this week’s episode of Strike Gold, we speak with Oliver Wellington the Co-Founder of  Even though is already a well-known marketing tool for podcasters the company’s co-founder Oliver Wellington believes they aren’t at Product Market Fit yet. As some of the top products in the world, was born as a side project. The team has been working together over a decade, sold the previous company they collaborated on and in the last two year, have been working on the best marketing tool suite for podcasters that now serves over 30k podcasters. The road to creating the online video creation tool to help podcaster promote their podcast online wasn’t easy from the start, the journey is filled with lessons every young company can learn from.
In this week’s episode of Strike Gold, we speak with Udi Ledergor is the VP marketing at If you’re unfamiliar with Gong, they have raised over 68 million dollars to help sales leaders succeed by understanding their conversation with the customer and get them to revenue success using AI and conversation analytics. Just so you get how on-it Udi is, on his first day at Gong he has already created an ebook, created a landing page, got a database and built a successful email outreach campaign offering the ebook. Like a great steak, Udi is a seasoned marketer with over 15 years of experience and 5 VP positions (and product beforehand). He wrote the top-selling book for planning and generating leads from conferences and trade shows called “50 secretes of trade show success” There were so many takeaways from this episode, it’s almost impossible to summarise them all, so listen up and enjoy.
This episode is different. On so many levels. For instance, we usually interview founders/marketers/growth functions within startups. This time, we have Daniel (Danny) Cohen, a general partner at Viola Ventures. Yup, we’re going to the investor's side. It’s also not an ordinary episode because Danny Cohen is all but the ordinary investor type that comes to mind when you think “investors” Being one of the outstanding B2C investors in Israel, his investment interests include Consumer Internet, e-Commerce and Digital Media. He serves on the board of Lucky Fish, Playbuzz, Puls, Splacer, Maapilim, Deep, Lightricks, and Origami Logic. He was also on the board of Tapingo (acquired by Grubhub for $150M). Recently, Lightirkcs, one of the companies he’s been working with since their round A 5 years ago has reached a $1B valuation and it’s only climbing. In this episode, Danny, the Pearl Jam fan and investor talks all about what type of things he is looking for when investing in companies, the big difference between B2B and B2C investments and why a company with a marketer with a product background might score more points than a classically trained marketer. If you’re a b2c company looking to get investments - listen closely
Martha Bitar is the head of business development at Honeybook, and she has a pretty in-depth and excellent user-advocate affiliate program case study to share. If you’re unfamiliar With HoneyBook, it’s a Tel-Aviv-SF based startup that aims to make the life of freelancers and creatives that much more comfortable — from onboarding new clients, sending price quotes, time tracking, invoice and even charging their clients. It’s an all-in-one perfect suite for all of your freelance out there. As head of Biz-Dev, Martha works with other companies to partner up to help growth. From product integration to co-marketing partnership and influencer marketing to chatting with other people looking to get into Honeybook. In this episode, Martha joined us to talk about the company’s unique Educator relations program.
If you’ve searched for “top SEO experts to follow” you’ve seen Brian Dean’s name for sure. He is responsible for coining terms such as “The Content Roadshow technique”, “The Skyscraper technique” and more. And on the first episode of our second season, The man behind Backlinko has joined us to talk about his latest case study on how he grew his organic traffic by 80% (roughly 1 million visitors a year). In this episode you’ll learn Brians’ full case study process, why you should mix SEO and social optimized content in your calendar, how to get buy-in from your ex-team for your next SEO experiment and more.
Making data drive decisions can be the difference between having your product completely fail and wining over the competition. In this episode Otniel Ben Amara, data scientist & engineer. Co-founder of the Data Agency Dojo BI, stops by to talk to us about working with data to improve your product. We talk about anything ranging from when should you hire your first data analysts and how to scale your team to how to query your data and finding your A-ha moment to reach product market fit. In this episode you’ll learn:  - How to define your A-ha moment based on data  - The basics on how to think and approach your data  - How ‘Houseparty’ found their A-ah moment   - When should you hire your first data analyst  - What’s the formula to the company size-data analysts ratio. - How to turn data into growth insights  - Why your onboarding the most crucial moment for your product
Elad Levy , now CMO of Fixel, has gone a long way to from being a marketing Junior to the Technical Marketing expert he is today.  In this episode Elad talks about his work in Fixel and gaining technical knowledge as a marketer.  He also talks about the transition from being a “tactical” marketer to adopting a wider strategic marketing perspective, how to find marketing opportunities as a small marketing team and why you should refer to yourself as a small company and not a startup.  In this episode you’ll learn:  - Why calling yourself a startup is great for investors, bad for marketing  - What are the two technical skills every marketer needs to hone   - How to prfioritize marketing efforts to spot the best opportunity  - How Fixel hacked a conference to build super targeted offers   - Why you should start with things you can automate and scale first.
Did you watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did. You wanted to see all those ads didn’t you? In this episode , Roy & Jonathan (AKA “we”) go through the Super Bowl ads that made an impact on us - good (You did good Pampers!) and bad (yes, we’re looking at you TurboFax creepy ad!). So what were the best commercials (and why) and who creeped us out? And who did we think just shows plain out disrespect to the legacy? Yup, we talk about it all in the week’ episode.  Also! We were honoured to have Rise’s star and Super male model Blake Korman with us!  Here are some of the ads we’ve mentioned Tide Superbowl ad 2018 Persil ProClean TurboTax Stella Artois Wix Pepsi Bud Light (Game of Thrones crossover) KIA Pringles Mercedes-Benz USA Washington Post Michelob Ultra Bubly 
Danielle Sharabi took over Gett Delivery's growth pretty early on in the product's lifetime. In the past few years, she dedicated her efforts to educate the private sector on using more 'same day' deliveries and finding the right product-market fit for the service.  In this episode, Danielle shares stories and tactics she in her 5 people team used to grow Gett Delivery. She talks about the pros and cons of building a ‘startup’ within a company, why brand matters from day one (and what it even means) and how thinking differently and being scrappy can help young companies to win the game better than huge media budgets.  Listen to the episode: In this episode you’ll learn:  - The pros and cons of building a startup within a company  - How a team of “superheroes” think  - Why small teams with the right DNA move faster  - Why you need to become a “problem solver” and not a “problem dweller.”  - The importance of cross-company collaborations - How to bring you A-ah moment into conferences and events.
Magali Bursztyn, now a community manager at Waze and ex-Wix knows all about working with users who don’t only use your product, but love it and want to be a part of it.  In this episode she shares from her experience how to get user engaged into a community, how to create a culture where your users are a part of your product and you are a part of their lives and how to build  a brand that is human and people care about.  Listen to the episode: In this episode you willl learn:  - How to engage users and nurture them to become part of your community  - Why sharing the process with your users builds trust and loyalty. - The power of face to face get-togethers.  - Why your users can be the best feature compass - How to make your brand’s personality shine on Social Media
Yan (Yanko) Kotliarski is the VP digital at Atreo and one of the most well-known Performance marketers in Israel.  Over the past decade, Yan has worked with some (if not all?!) of the biggest brands in Israel, gives talks about Facebook ads and marketing campaign. In this episode, Yan talks about how working in Atreo has brought his understanding of the importance of strategy to a whole new level, why the original message most B2B tech startups can limit their growth and how you should start thinking about your marketing.  Listen to the episode In this episode you’ll learn:  - Why your tech-oriented marketing message doesn’t work (even when marketing to other tech people).  - How to dig into your data to build a useful buyer’s persona.  - Why Strategy should come before tactics - even when you’re eager to start.  - Are TV & Radio obsolete?
building product for developers & lessons from Google, Slack & Twitch Amir Shevat has definitely done some impressive things in his career.  From driving the Startup Ecosystem Development for  Google Being the director of developer’s relations for Slack (if you’re using any Slack integration - this is the man you should thank) To his current role, where he is in-charge of building products and tools to enrich the developer’s experience for Twitch. In this episode, Amir shares blows our mind with what Twitch really is (Future of sports and interactive viewing experience), to what marketers need to know about it, how to work with Twitch influencers and more. Amir also shares insights from what he is learnt from working at Google, Slack, Twitch (Amazon) about process, project management and building better products for your users.  What you’ll learn:  - What exactly is Twitch  - The “Win win win” model  - Why “Alignment” is important (and what it means for your company)   - The magic of single-threaded ownership   - How Amazon reverse-plan its products - What’s the press release method to building better products.
Michal Lupo is the Growth Product Manager of’s , a  visual project management platform that that helps you to Plan, organize and track projects in one visual collaborative space. In this episode, Michal stops by to talk about the company’s growth processes, how they choose their focus KPI, ideate with the them and run the experimentations cycle to help growth their product’s retention and adoption rate.  You’ll get insights of how a fast growing company like treats their growth, how its teams operates and what the day to day of the process looks like.  Listen to the episode.  What you’ll learn:  - The structure of’s growth teams  - How the company handles their growth meetings  - How does a testing cycle looks like - The method used to ideate, prioritise and run tests - How does chooses and define its KPI’s - How uses the ICE method. - How to stay focused on test fasts versus testing a lot of different things slow.  Our guest:  Michal Lupu has 7 years of experience as a product manager and is currently the growth product manager at She’s the one in-charge of making sure the team is focused on the biggest opportunities, run the most significant tests and run fast. Prior she was a product manager at ironSource and lead her own startup called SKEEPER, a productivity app for skipping the hassle of long lines.
In this episode, Ariel Assaraf, co-founder and CPO of Coralogix stops by to share his insights on how to market to developers.  If your product is directed towards developers or CTO’s this episode is a must have. Ariel debunks that developers are an audience that is “allergic” to marketing and talks about understanding what your user really cares about.  He also shares insightful lessons on how to think different about your marketing (including your marketing stack and team structure), how to get your first big clients at an early stage and what do customer really buy from your when they sign that contract. As a marketer, this episode is full of golden nuggets.  Listen to the episode here: What you’ll learn:  - How to gain the trust of big clients as an early stage company  - How to really understand your audience   - Why only developers can market to developers  - What marketing channels work surprisingly well for them.  - How to change in startup culture changed the developer role in a company for goo.  About our amazing guest: Ariel Assaraf is the co-founder and CPO at Coralogix, previously a group leader at Verint and PM at the intelligence unit 8200. Loves to contribute to good causes. About Coralogix By integrating log insights into the software delivery process, Coralogix streamlines the development lifecycle and empowers each one of the departments in the R&D organization (Dev, DevOps, SecOps).
In this episode, we discuss the key insights and lessons we’ve learned from our guests so far. It’s been only about ten shows since we started interviewing guests, but man, did we learn a lot. For us, every episode has tons of value, and they’re all worth getting back to and listen to it as a whole, but after having a few conversations about past guests, future guests and what made some of the episodes so darn good, we thought it’d be cool to share some of the things stuck with us. We talk about building communities, re-thinking process, product perfection and feature marketing - and so much more. Listen to this episode: In this episode you’ll learn: - Expanding your reach by “moving” your efforts - Why you should invest in your product community & relationships - Leveraging ‘distribution hooks.” - Being, so user focused you become product focused - Quality consistency - Why you should be humble when engaging with your community - How to use the ‘fear of ownership’ to move big projects in an organization - How to do “visual first - text second” website redesigns. - The magic of brainstorming yourself with others And more. Big thank you and shout out to: - Leora Golomb - Ben Pines - Gennady Okarin - Roy Ben-Dor - Tomer and Gal - Gil Eyal - Yoav Aziz
In this episode Ben Pines, CMO of Elementor shares the company’s journey to 1 Million users. Ben, who joined the company before the first version of the product launches, gives insights about how they got their initial traction in a saturated market, the 1# thing the company does continuously to grow it’s popularity and the its secret sauce to its success.
In this episode the Roy Bendor Cohen, founder of Q - Behavioral Thinking, drops by to talk about the way people make decisions, and how understanding that process - can help us marketers and product people to drive user behaviour to here we want it to go.
In this episode the co-founders of Poptin, Gal and Tomer, stop by to tell us how they bootstrapped their Opt-in forms SaaS company to 22,000 users! We’re talking about a company that didn’t raise any money - and on the first day of their beta launch already started making money. Before there was a pricing page! Learn how an SEO agency spotted a better product opportunity, built a community around their product before even having a product, how they prioritize tasks to grow a SaaS business in a crowded market and what marketing channels actually work for them. They give us all the day to day details, the glory, the hard work and why it’s so important to give value first. Also, they are the first guests to bring us Whiskey! -------- What you’ll learn: - The difference between a competitor heavy market and a saturated market. - When should you pivot from agency to product - Why starting local is a great tip for a bootstrapped company - What “value first” means in marketing, product and community - How to find the first blog topics that’ll bring you relevant users fast - Why branding can be important from day one - How to plan your features when you have a small team -------- Who are our amazing guests? Tomer & Gal, Co-founders of Poptin and best friends go way back together. They have over Nine years of experience in the digital marketing field and internet project management. They founded Poptin together, an SEO agency and a few more digital plugins (side-projects). Tomer Graduated with an Economics degree from Tel-Aviv University. Gal was a lawyer in the army, and graduated with a Law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They’re both young parents (Tomer having a boy and a girl, Gal having twin girls!) Guess what? All that, and they are under 30! ------- What is Poptin Poptin is a lead capture platform that helps website owners and marketers to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers and sales. With Poptin you can create customizable popups and widgets, with drag and drop interface and with no coding skills. It can be installed easily in any website platform and integrate with dozens of CRMs, email marketing software etc. Poptin was featured on Huffington Post, Semrush, Ahrefs, Crazyegg, Business2Community, TheTopPodcast, Globes, Geektime and on some more global marketing blogs. -------- Fun facts: TOMER 1. He will never say no to a shot of Arak or Humus 2. He Played professional basketball for almost 10 years. 3. He met my wife on Taglit (which both of us didn't want to go to) when I was in the army GAL 1. He is a sleepwalker 2. When he was 16, he ran a side hustle of selling used guitars 3. His twin girls were born exactly on my first wedding anniversary
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