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A podcast by Springworks bringing you insights from top People Managers on the Future of Work - how it's shaping our workplace, people and the ones who manage them.
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On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Mrinal Kumar, Founder & CEO at Navriti Technologies offering technology solutions for learning and assessments.Having been in the industry for more than six years, Mrinal has worked across varied technology stacks and possesses hands-on knowledge of contemporary web technologies.Before founding Navriti, he was leading a team at Actiance India Pvt Ltd to deliver a product, focused on compliance and auditing of data traffic over various email networks.In this episode, we discuss with Mrinal:About his entrepreneurial journeyWhy employee referrals are the best source of hireThe most underrated leadership skill: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team membersThe concept of ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’Sureshot ways to reduce employee attritionFollow Mrinal on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Lokesh Gautam
“If you could attend fewer meetings, would you? The answer is not in talking less, but in talking differently.”Serial entrepreneur Josh Little knows a thing or two about running successful software and technology companies. He has founded numerous global software companies, including Qzzr, Bloomfire, and Maestro eLearning. His previous stints include working at Pfizer as National Account Manager.He currently brings his entrepreneurial expertise to clients as the CEO of Volley app - a video-first platform for businesses to have efficient and productive communications.Further along, Josh has been carrying on his family's legacy for the last 10 years by making the most delicious pickles just like his great grandfather used to make.On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, Josh clarifies what asynchronous communication is and what it isn’t, and offers some great insights on async communication and remote work.We discuss with Josh:His journey from being a teacher to being the CEO of four successful tech companiesWhy async winsVolley’s mission: enable the future of work and save the world from death-by-meetings. Why more companies are frustrated with the concept of Async communication for remote teamsHis thoughts on the future of the workplace Asynchronous video communication as the next big thing in the world of remote work: building a Slack challenger.Follow Josh on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
“Don’t walk away from management, quite yet. Embrace it. See if it works. Talk to people. Don’t treat management as management. Always treat it as if you’re a mentor, or you’re talking to a friend. And you’ll see that It’s going to bring a lot more value to your personal growth vs just bringing the value to someone else.”Kevin Hasley shares a new way to think about hiring, managing and retaining engineering teams in his conversation on this episode of The shape of Work podcast. As the CEO of RootMetrics and one of the top experts in the mobile and telecommunications industry, Kevin combines deep, in-the-trenches insight with examples from his vast array of experiences (developing a benchmarking program at Texas Instruments to being the CEO of RootMetrics) for a conversation every people leader should hear: How did he react to ‘The Great Resignation’ as an employerTeam structure at RootMetrics: From contract-based hires to full-time employeesWhy hiring the right engineering talent has become a challenge with the ballooning salariesHow does RootMetrics manage the personal and professional aspirations of its employeesTech leaders on the biggest challenges managing teams: why managing teams doesn’t come easy to everyoneHow do leaders ensure to not lose sight of the human elementWhat does the workplace of the future look like: is Zoom the dark ages?His motivation behind the work he does.Follow Kevin on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram Produced by: Priya Bhatt Podcast host: Abhash Kumar
“Just like climate risk is a financial risk for the bank, human capital risk is also a financial risk for the organization.”On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Han Mesters,  Sector Banker - Business Services at ABN AMRO - one of the leading banks in the Netherlands.Being a staffing and business expert, Han helps many executives in the staffing industry navigate the changing labour market and technological landscape.Han has virtually transformed from a banker into a Human Capital expert: advising within professional services. In addition, he is also a trend watcher and cultural anthropologist who takes on the role of identifying issues within and outside the organisation.In this episode, we discuss with Han: Demographic catastrophe: the shortage of skilled people, retention, technology, and international workforce.Global skills mismatch: fixing it through competenciesWill technology extend the Dunbar number and what does this mean for remote work?Why organizational culture is the future of work: shift of focus on profit to creating value for the environmentWhat changes become permanent when the situation returns to normal?What work will look like by 2030: will people still be working for organizations?Is it necessary to strive for friendships at work?How HR can adjust processes and outcomes during unprecedented timesFollow Han on LinkedInProduced by:  Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Bhagvan Kommadi, Director of Product Engineering at ValueMomentum - a software & solutions firm focused on the Insurance, Banking and Healthcare industries.Having been in the IT industry for over two decades, Bhagvan’s experiences range from large-scale enterprise development to helping incubate software product start-ups. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on digital information, communication and rethinking our relationship with work in the new normal. Everything from challenges to opportunities of remote work in this conversation.Follow Bhagvan on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
Catherine Mattiske is the inventor of the globally acclaimed instructional design system – ID9 Intelligent Design. This inventive, research-based system creates corporate training that delivers exceptional results.Catherine founded The Performance Company (TPC) in 1994, serving clients worldwide with offices in Australia, Los Angeles, New York, and London.As a globally recognized training expert, her focus is on energizing and influencing organizations to change employee behaviour to drive business results and achieve goals. Sought after as a consultant advising the world’s largest organizations on their L&D strategy, Catherine is also the author of 31 published books. These include the 27 part Learning Short-take™ series, the best sellers, Train for Results, Training Activities That Work, Leading Virtual Teams, and her latest book –. Unlock Your Inner Genius, published in 2021.On this episode of The Shape of Work, we picked her brain to have a litany of tactical insights on L&D. We discuss with Catherine:The story behind her ‘ID9 Intelligent Design’ principlesWhat L&D leaders are doing wrong OR Where companies go wrong with Learning and DevelopmentFeedback loop and communication lines for setting up your L&D processThe virtual L&D paradigmHer views on the rise of cohort-based learningInsights from her recently published book ‘Unlock Your Inner Genius: Power your path to extraordinary success'Follow Catherine on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we speak with Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee, a Human Resources professional, author and mentor.Nimisha has always been passionate about relationships and the human connection, along with an interest in psychology and human behaviour. Working across various HR functions with organizations such as Pulse Secure, AAyuja Inc and PVR Limited, Nimisha has plenty of expertise to share in this conversation.In this episode, we discuss with Nimisha:The employee experience: Culture, engagement, and beyondOne-up your 1-on-1s with trust and compassionIs remote work a roadblock in defining organizational culture?Proximity bias in a hybrid workplaceFun, engaging and seamless virtual on-boarding Follow Nimisha on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Rohan Mankad
"Diversity is inviting everyone to a party. Inclusion is asking everyone to dance and Equity is to ensure that everyone is having a good time whether they choose to dance or not." On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we are joined by Shikha Gupta, HR Director at Schneider Electric.Having been a part of the HR fraternity for over two decades, she has held numerous strategic leadership roles at giants like WNS Global Services, JP Morgan Chase, Wipro and Infosys. With a background that extensive, it’s no surprise this episode covers a lot of ground. Why the chant ‘leaders are born, not made’ is an escape button for a failed leadership developmentAuthenticity, vulnerability and facilitation as impactful leadership traitsWhy attitude is more important than intelligence to ace the 'art of leadership'What organizations are missing in their DEI initiatives: Inclusion impedimentsWhat HRs can do to change negative, outdated perceptions of the human resource function to gain more influence and impactForeseen challenges for HR function post-pandemicTop HR innovations in the last 5 yearsFollow Shikha on LinkedInProduced by: Priya Bhatt Podcast host: Junius Dsilva
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we speak with Sandip Maiti, Founder & CEO of Experience Commerce, which brings digital business, brand comm and media & marketing to major brands like Ambuja, Castrol and Adani Wilmer.Having been in the industry for 28 years and worked with brands such as Zycus and ControlSoft to head their marketing, Sandip knows a thing or two about building and leading a team of creative thinkers.In this episode, we discuss with Sandip:Give your team wings to fly: tips on effective team buildingSetting up the right values for your employer brandTheir ‘HR gone missing’ campaignThe importance of town halls and 1-on-1Being global at heart: rules of being a global brandSimple ways to ensure team effectiveness His views on the happiness index of the employees: living an analog lifeFollow Sandip on LinkedIn, Twitter and MediumProduced by: Priya Bhatt Podcast host: Yashwanth Jembige
"A fun metric tracked for employer branding at GO-JEK is the number of people wearing GO-JEK's t-shirt and sharing pictures on social media! " Adithya Venkatesan is one of the original superstars of the craft of Employer Branding. Through his team and his own branding strategies, he’s built a world-class employer brand for GO-JEK - a super app for ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, and a dozen other products.His previous stints include working with Gutenberg LLC and Thomson Reuters. He currently brings his branding expertise to Meesho - an Indian social e-commerce unicorn as the Head of Employer Branding. In our conversation with him on this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we discuss with Adithya:How GO-JEK went from being an obscure, unknown org to a popular brand among their primary target audience - Engineers, Product Managers, DesignersHow GO-JEK got buy-in from their engineers to rally around their Employer Branding objectivesHow they scaled their employer brand through content and public relationsWhat not to do when it comes to employer brandingIs employer branding enough for a tech talent market where salaries have shot up?The context of ‘pair programming’ in retentionFirst few things to kick-off your employer branding exerciseTools of his trade for employer branding - automation & documentationFollow Adithya on Twitter, LinkedIn and MediumProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
‘Companies don’t know how to manage people who are remote because they don't know how to manage people that are actually onsite either.’On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Susan L. Lang, CEO of XIL Health - a health technology company building complex predictive analytics platforms to reduce the cost of drugs.Having been a part of the healthcare industry for over three decades, Susan has advised top pharmacy executives and digital healthcare startups while working as the C-suite Executive at Express Scripts and Chief Strategy Officer of Blink Health.With a background that extensive, it’s no surprise this episode covers a lot of ground.We discuss with Susan:Hiring virtually, beyond geographies: the new normalThe structure and lines of communication at XIL HealthGreat resignation hits IT departments: why companies need to switch strategies and run 'The Great Experiment'Tech talent retention strategies: profit sharing, retention bonus, ESOPs and moreFollow Susan on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Namrata Dhasmana, Human Resources (CoE and Best Practices) at Genpact.Namrata wears multiple hats to lead a purposeful life. She is the Honorary President WICCI- Telangana CSR Council and is a member of the All Ladies League. She's served the Corporate world for over 15 years and led the HR function for companies like Vedanta and Wells Fargo.Namrata’s transition from military to corporate is one of the very few success stories which got featured in Corporate Citizen 2021 May edition.In this episode, we discuss with Namrata:The common leadership mythsHer ‘GROW’ approach for team buildingFeedback vs feedforward approach for employee feedbackWhy dysfunctional teams need coaches more than managersWhat inclusion is beyond just gender and cultureFollow Namrata on LinkedInProduced by: Priya Bhatt Podcast host: Lokesh Gautam
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Ambica Chaturvedi, Director of Human Capital & Special Initiatives at Antara Senior Living - Max India Group.Having been in the HR fraternity for more than 18 years and having worked with giants like Mercer, Essar, Aegis Global, Ambica covers a lot of interesting aspects in this episode. We discuss with Ambica:How to lead your team in the right directionHer thoughts on tracking employee work hoursThe concept of ‘Overtime compensation'Importance of team-building exercises to boost productivityHet thoughts on the future of work: Remote vs hybridThe bright side of leveraging technology for hiring vs drawbacksFollow Ambica on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Rohan Mankad
“My number one job as a leader is to get stuff out of the way so that my great people can do the great jobs that I hired them to do.”Kim Curley has spent her career focused on the human side of the business, enabling leaders and their organizations to do more, do better, and thrive through change. As the Vice President - Workforce Readiness Consulting for NTT DATA Services, Kim leads consultants focused on solving clients’ most complex challenges by designing and implementing programs to address the people, process, and technology aspects of the business.Named an ‘NTT DATA Game Changer’ for her dedication to client and team success, Kim is also one of the founders of NTT DATA’s ‘Women Inspire NTT DATA (WIN)’ employee resource group.In this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we discuss with Kim:The meaning of ‘Workforce Readiness’‘The Great Resignation’ - employee migration and what this means for employersHow the growth of the gig economy signals a tectonic shift in the workforceHow up-skilling your workforce benefits your organization: building the poolMistakes leaders might make during the pandemic, in terms of change managementFollow Kim on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
‘A company’s culture defines how you adopt the tech’If you care about people analytics, Ranaq is someone you should know. Before his current role as Associate Director - People Tech and Analytics at Mobile Premier League (MPL), Ranaq served as HRMS Implementation Lead - South India at Darwinbox.On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we talk with Ranaq about both these roles, in addition to a smorgasbord of other insights:Starting point of his journey with PeopleTechAt what stage companies should start taking care of the dataFirst set of PeopleTech recommendationPreferences- Engagement, recognition, rewards. In that order...The right time to bring in a robust feedback and performance management systemHow much culture defines tech? Does tech also reiterate the culture and values of the company?Ways to motivate employees to adopt new technology in less possible timeIdeal HR tech stack he would recommend to a high-growth companyThe right time to use the gathered employee data for analyticsFollow Ranaq on LinkedIn, Twitter and his blogProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we talk with Amandeep Midha, Principal IT Consultant at BEC Financial Technologies.Having been a Founder, CTO, VP of Engineering,  project lead and software engineer at various international organizations, Amandeep is currently involved in helping the integration of banking systems and up-skilling the engineering talents towards migrating platforms.In this episode, we picked his brain on how he thinks about creating a workforce that is ready for the future and how his tech background has shaped the way he views digital transformation and workforce up-skilling today. We discuss with Amandeep:Strategies for up-skilling to fight skill gaps effectivelyAddressing digital transformation challengesFunctions that define the learning outcomes5W1H of up-skilling feedback loopThe concept of ‘Social learning’ and ‘e-learning’Follow Amandeep on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Abhash Kumar
Aniruddh Singh has held numerous strategic roles in various companies across industries, including a stint as Manager, Business-Technology Relationship Group - Risk, AML at Axis Bank. Today, he is the Co-Founder of goDutch - a new-age fintech app that powers group payments, helping them to split bills, track & pay via UPI.In this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, he shares his journey from doing civil engineering to founding goDutch. In addition, he shares:The story behind starting up goDutch- India’s #1 expense splitting appLessons he learned as a first-time entrepreneurHiring tip for first-time foundersFuture of work: Remote, hybrid or in-officeFollow Aniruddh on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Junius DsilvaBONUS: One of the key components of hiring is employee verification. Here is The Complete Guide to Employment Verification [2021] for you to make your verification process smooth and convenient. 
Want to learn the ins and outs of global leadership or hear about building high-performance teams?Krishnan has you covered on both accounts in this far-ranging conversation on this episode of The Shape of Work podcast. As Chief Business Officer - SEA and Head of Performance Marketing at Redbus, Krishnan shares how the pandemic impacted the organization and what helped them stay resilient.We also discuss with Krishnan:Challenges of managing a globally dispersed teamImproving team performance through the feedback loopHis view on employer branding and its importanceAligning human resources with the business strategyFollow Krishnan on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Junius Dsilva
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is an entrepreneur with a difference, Shveta Raina, Founder of Talerang -  an education management firm providing career training to students and professionals. Shveta began Talerang as a project at Harvard Business School and has since impacted over two million participants in the last 5 years.When she left Mumbai at 17 to pursue her undergraduate studies at Brown University, nothing suggested this would be her route. Like most other ambitious people her age, she sought out numerous internships and worked for a while at McKinsey and Co in New York. It was only later, post experiences at Teach For India and Hindustan Unilever that the concept of Talerang emerged.In this episode, we caught up with Shveta to discuss:21st-century skills we need to prepare the future workforce forAnxiousness of employers to hire graduates: why companies should hire more freshersHop, skip and jump and how it is making employers furiousThe death of the CV: why recruiters need to move beyond the traditional CV cycleThe art of delegation for an effective leadershipHow she hires the right set of people at Talerang Follow Shveta on LinkedInProduced by: Priya BhattPodcast host: Junius DsilvaBONUS: To ensure the best for your startup, here is a guide on How to Successfully Hire Right Talent for a Startup: [2021 Updated Guide].
Ever wondered how many companies still rely on excel sheets for their payroll and compliance management?According to Rohit Venugopal, Business Manager at RazorpayX Payroll (Opfin), the percentage is close to 65%—and he would know. Having been an HR professional himself before even building HR products, Rohit's professional objective is to connect people & technology with people technology.Opfin, a 2 member team serving 100+ customers was acquired by Razorpay to be a part of RazorpayX - their business banking platform. His previous stints include working with organizations like D.E. Shaw, Recruiterbox, Flipkart and ZingHR. In this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, he covers lessons from his career in the HR tech industry and also shares the story behind the idea of RazorpayX Payroll (Opfin).We discuss with Rohit:How RazorpayX is helping save time for HR professionalsChallenges with payroll, compliance and insurance management at an early-stage startupPayroll management in the pandemic: challengesProduct feature add-ons due to remote workRemote payroll trends: breaking the barrier with CryptoRazorpayX Payroll’s vision: what’s nextFollow Rohit on LinkedInProduced by: Priya Bhatt Podcast host: Abhash Kumar
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