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MHAE is a UAE based mental health and wellness initiative, with the aim to create awareness and provide a safe space as well as access to information and resources. Follow us on our Instagram and check out our website.
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In this riveting podcast episode, Ali and Nokhez dive deep into the emotional and psychological impacts of the regional crisis, especially in an age dominated by the relentless flow of information. They discuss the challenges posed by modern technology, the emotional toll of constantly being exposed to global tragedies, and the unique intensity surrounding the regional situation. Offering both personal experiences and professional insights, the duo also sheds light on strategies for emotional regulation and the importance of mental well-being. Join them as they advocate for mindful information consumption, introspection, and the crucial role of mental health professionals in these tumultuous times. #EmotionalWellbeing #InformationOverload #MentalHealthAwareness #MindfulConsumption #GlobalTragediesImpact #EmotionalRegulation #ModernChallenges Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this thought-provoking podcast, Ali, Dinkar, and Roshan engage in an honest and compassionate conversation about the pressing issues of mental health, equity, and the transformative power of small acts of kindness. Ali, a dedicated mental health advocate, shares personal stories that shed light on the urgent need for equitable access to mental health support. He passionately discusses the challenges young individuals face in high-pressure environments, urging us to consider mental health as vital as physical well-being. Dinkar and Roshan contribute their valuable insights, emphasizing the significance of initiatives like "Are You Okay?" and highlighting our collective responsibility to nurture mental health. They explore the profound impact of even the smallest gestures of kindness and discuss the importance of mental health first aid. Throughout the podcast, these voices of change underscore the critical role of open dialogues in schools, homes, and communities. They share heartwarming anecdotes of individuals they've supported, showcasing the ripple effect of positive change that follows. Join us for an enlightening and empowering discussion that underscores the indispensable connection between mental health and equity. Discover how, as a society, we can pave the way for a more empathetic and understanding world—one small, compassionate action at a time. These voices inspire us to invest in mental health, fostering a brighter and more equitable future for all. #MentalHealthMatters #EquityInHealth #YouAreNotAlone #Empowerment #ChangeMakers #MindfulConversations #CommunitySupport #EndTheStigma #SmallActsBigImpact #VoiceOfChange Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this enlightening podcast, Ali and Ray delve deep into the critical role of communication in relationship success. Throughout the discussion, they emphasize the transformative power of effective communication, unveiling practical strategies to enhance interpersonal connections. The hosts stress the importance of active listening, highlighting its role as a cornerstone of healthy communication. They offer valuable tips on fostering open dialogues and navigating the digital communication landscape, recognizing its unique challenges. Ali and Ray tackle the issue of communication apprehension head-on, encouraging listeners to confront and conquer this common barrier. They emphasize the value of practice, suggesting that refining communication skills is an ongoing journey. Furthermore, the hosts recommend seeking professional guidance or enrolling in communication courses to hone one's abilities. They underline the significance of investing time and effort in mastering this skill, as it can profoundly impact the quality of relationships. In this succinct podcast, Ali and Ray distill essential insights into the art of communication. Their no-nonsense approach and emphasis on practicality make this episode a valuable resource for anyone looking to elevate their relationships through improved communication. Tune in for a concise yet enlightening exploration of this pivotal topic. #CommunicationSkills #Relationships #EffectiveCommunication #PodcastDiscussion #InterpersonalSkills #DigitalCommunication #ActiveListening #RelationshipAdvice Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this insightful and candid conversation, Ali and Ray delve into the intricacies of relationship red flags and green flags. They explore various scenarios, discussing how certain behaviors might signal potential problems or positive qualities in a relationship. Covering topics such as communication, compromise, emotional maturity, empathy, and personal growth, Ali and Ray share their perspectives on what to look for and what to avoid when navigating the complexities of romantic connections. With humor and honesty, they emphasize the importance of self-awareness, healing, and building healthy relationships. Tune in to gain valuable insights into recognizing red flags while fostering positive connections. #RelationshipTalk #RedFlagsAndGreenFlags #HealthyConnections #NavigatingRelationships #SelfAwareness #BuildingStrongRelationships Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
Dive into the world of yoga and life balance with Ali and his guest Hazar in this captivating podcast episode. As they chat about their shared journey in entrepreneurship and mindfulness, they explore how yoga serves as a powerful tool for achieving equilibrium in an ever-changing world. Hazar shares her personal evolution from electrical engineer to yoga instructor and the transformative impact of Ashtanga Yoga on her life. ogether, they dissect the true essence of balance, emphasizing the connection between mind, body, and environment. Discover the practical applications of yoga in cultivating mindfulness, gratitude, and overall well-being. Join them as they delve into the significance of self-awareness, the interconnectedness of life's facets, and how simple actions can lead to profound change. Explore the upcoming Mediterranean retreat that promises to restore balance and reconnect with nature. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that leaves you equipped to integrate yoga into your own journey towards a harmonious life. #YogaLifeBalance #MindfulnessJourney #EquilibriumMatters #HolisticWellness #SelfAwareness #MeditationMindset #NatureReconnection #EmpowermentThroughYoga Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
Parenthood is a journey filled with immense joy, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and stress. In our latest podcast episode, we dive deep into the often-underlooked stress of parenthood, focusing on the crucial topics of parenting, mental health, and finding balance. We emphasize the importance of open communication and seeking support in promoting parental mental health. From professional assistance to spousal support, family, and friends, we explore the vital role that a strong support system plays in the well-being of parents. By breaking the stigma surrounding parental mental health, we encourage parents to reach out for help without shame. Join us as we explore the fascinating research that consistently shows the significant impact parental mental well-being has on child development and overall family dynamics. #parenting #stress #communication #selfcare Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
Healers, also known as light workers, are individuals dedicated to serving humanity and helping others navigate emotional pain. Sensitivity, emotional maturity, and a high level of empathy are common traits of healers. Healers can be professionals in fields such as therapy, teaching, or mental health coaching, but they can also be regular people with a natural inclination towards supporting and empathizing with others. Healers often have a deep intuition and can sense the energy of a room or person, even without physical proximity. The healers themselves require support and healing, as they carry their own baggage and traumas. Holding space for a healer can be challenging for friends and loved ones, as it requires a specific level of emotional capacity. Healers need healers too, as they require support to process their own emotions and continue growing in their ability to hold space for others. #FriendshipGoals #HealthyFriendships #TrustAndRespect #Accountability #GoodFriends #MentalHealthAwareness #PersonalGrowth #OpenConversations #CoreValues #understanding Podcasters- MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this podcast, we have changed things up a bit. Tell us if you can spot the difference. We have our very own Nokhez Usama, deep dive into the topic of behavioural sciences with a particular focus on behavioural analysis. With our guest, Yolla Hassaniah, a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst, we explore behavioural analysis’s role in mental health management and care. They share insights on behavioural analysis and how this domain can provide us with unique perspectives within mental health care practices. <p>Whether you are a mental health professional, a person living with a mental health condition, or someone interested in learning more about behavioural analysis, this podcast will surely be a valuable resource. So, tune in, throw your feet up and join our conversation on mental health. #behavioralanalysis #mentalhealth #evidence-based #datacollection #prioritizingtargets #collaboration Podcasters-  MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this engaging conversation, Ali and Rahaf discuss the complexities of friendship and the qualities that define a good friend. They explore the importance of shared core values, accountability, and maintaining a non-judgmental space. Both emphasize that trust, respect, and the ability to hold each other accountable are vital for a healthy friendship. They also highlight the significance of not projecting one's insecurities or beliefs onto friends, and respecting each other's perspectives even when they disagree. Trust and respect are considered foundational elements in a friendship that need to be earned and reciprocated by both parties. #FriendshipGoals #HealthyFriendships #TrustAndRespect #toxicfriends #GoodFriends #MentalHealthAwareness #PersonalGrowth #OpenConversations #CoreValues #understanding Podcasters-  MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
This week on Mental Health AE, we bring back a familiar voice to the platform. Our very own Nokhez Usama talks (extensively) on the fascinating topic of fasting and its impact on gut health, neuro health, and cognitive functioning. She dives into how fasting may help balance the gut bacteria and reduce stress and help mechanisms which facilitate repair and anti-inflammation. Lots of big words, words we even spell out. But join us as we talk about the research on fasting, its profound effects on our body and brain, and how you may best be able to make the most out of your fasts this Ramadan. #Ramadan #Fasting #Muslim #MentalHealth Podcasters-  MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this episode of Tuesday Talks, Ali talks with Nora, a breakup recovery coach, to discuss the various challenges individuals face when dealing with non-functional and toxic relationships. Nora provides insights into why people struggle to leave such relationships and emphasizes the importance of having a support system during the healing process. They also discuss how cultural influences romanticize relationships and the need to challenge negative self-perceptions after a breakup or divorce. The conversation delves into the parallels between grief and heartbreak and provides practical tips for individuals going through a breakup or divorce. Nora encourages listeners to seek help from a therapist or coach and not take responsibility for things that are not their fault. #relationships #communication #breakups #acceptance #learning #selfworth Podcasters-  MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
In this episode of Tuesday Talks, Ali and Rahaf discuss the importance of checking in on friends' mental health, particularly for men. Despite reaching out to friends, Ali found that he often received responses like "it's all good," which didn't reflect the reality of mental health struggles that statistics and data indicate are prevalent. The conversation explores the societal stigma around mental health and the need for a shift toward healthier mindsets, behaviors, and coping mechanisms. Rahaf, emphasizes the importance of therapy as a proactive measure, rather than waiting until things get worse. The discussion also touches on the impact of parenting strategies on mental health and the need for parents to learn how to listen and hold space for their children. The two also discuss the difficulty of breaking patterns and the need for continuous self-improvement. #men #stigma #mentalhealth #therapy #holdspace #mindset Podcasters-  MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram | 
Naila Al Moosawi the founder of Amal-CFBT, started the initiative during the peak of COVID-19. Our goal is to spread positive well-being through care and education, while simultaneously creating awareness to foster a psychological wellness culture in our society by providing affordable and easily accessible counselling services. Additionally, she will be accompanied by Nokhez Usama, a neuropsychologist (currently completing her clinical traineeship) and client management support at Amal.
Anna is a survivor of and expert on violence against women, and certified mental health first aider. She is committed to raising awareness about violence against women and its impact on mental health. Anna opens up and shares her story of surviving domestic violence and escape to freedom in the hope of empowering others to speak up and get help. And has served as a member of renowned non-profit, Maitri India, is a former spokesperson for Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) and felicitated by SRL Diagnostics as a Woman of Substance in 2015. An activist and speaker Anna works with individuals, groups, and organizations while empowering others to live their bravest and most free life. Anna has been featured for her work and story on BBC India, Gulf News Femina Magazine, Hauterfly, and more. Talking Points- - Life as a domestic violence victim (My story) - The healing journey (Mental health implications, getting help) - The silver lining + lessons learned (value of life, new beginnings, resilience, empowerment, making a difference - purpose for the pain) - Stigma & discrimination against domestic violence victims/survivors - How victims can get help in the UAE - How survivors can overcome abuse-related trauma in the UAE MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram |
Dr. Farrag is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Farrag brings over ten years’ experience as subspecialist in child and adolescent psychiatry in the UK and more recently in the UAE. His experience spans over two decades of medical practice in the UK complemented with a strong interest in academic research and teaching across the UK and the Middle East and Africa region. Dr. Farrag has a keen interest in the diagnosis, management and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders (autism and ADHD), depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and is a firm believer in building relationships with educational institutions to provide support, consultations and training with the aim of early detection and treatment of mental disorders in early life. #ADHD #mentalhealth #dubai #OCD #autism #MentalHealthAwareness MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram |
Jude Elfadil and Aarush Malhotra are representatives from STAYAL;VEDXB, a campaign run by teens, for teens to spread awareness about suicide prevention and mental health. They will be addressing the stigma around branching out for professional mental health support and their experiences with mental health pivoted around the themes of academics, social media, and societal expectations. Discussion points: - schools effect on mental health - social media's effect - expectations (academic, appearance, responsibilities) - stigma behind being suicidal - the reason behind the fear of asking for help - how we as a community can ease that fear and encourage seeking help - the limitation of available resources MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram |
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What positive psychology interventions entail Why boosting wellbeing matters as much as reducing ill-being
Brief background of what Tucs are Importance of Family Support Having the right school of accommodations/support Peer Education
اكتئاب ما قبل وبعد الولادة فرح القيسيه، ام ل ٣ أولاد ولدي مبادرة اجتماعية Stutter UAE ومنصة لمساعدة الأمهات في صحتهم النفسية Guiding Stars حديثنا سيتمحور حول: قصتي مع اكتئاب ما قبل الولادة – مهما كان شعور الفرح والسعادة بخبر الحمل، الا انني لم أستطيع منع نفسي من البكاء كلما بوركت بالحمل. تخوفي من الذهاب الى دكتورة الطب النفسي أهمية طلب المساعدة اين وكيف نطلب المساعدة Instagram handles @stutteruae @farahalqaissieh MHAE Website | MHAE Instagram |
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