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Are you tired of feeling like you're alone in the HR world? Are you curious about what other leaders are doing to stay ahead of the curve in recruitment? Look no further!

Hireside Chats is a podcast for HR leaders by HR leaders. We bring together some of the most influential HR leaders from around the world to share their insights. We interview hiring leaders and industry veterans on the challenges, opportunities, and trends in hiring to help you make smart decisions. Tune in to stay ahead of the curve in recruitment and the future of work.
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In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of cognitive brain science, which offers invaluable insights into how people learn, process information, and make decisions, as well as its transformative impact on talent management. Brain Science breakthroughs are being applied to various areas of talent management to train and develop top talent, identify high-potential candidates, make better hiring decisions, and much more. Join us as we explore how understanding the brain's inner workings can unlock the full potential of your workforce with our esteemed guest, Srinivas Ananthanarayanan, Founder and Chief Scientist at Peopleverse. Guest Spotlight: Srinivas Ananthanarayanan Founder and Chief Scientist, Peopleverse Srinivas Ananthanarayanan is a visionary leader with over 23 years of experience in global business leadership and organizational transformation. As the Founder and Chief Scientist at Peopleverse, he spearheads a cognitive science-powered venture revolutionizing the potential of people and businesses. Srinivas holds advanced certifications in business leadership and psychological aid provision from prestigious institutions such as Singapore Management University and John Hopkins University. To listen to this interesting episode, click here. Never miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast for exclusive interviews, expert insights, and actionable strategies to transform your workforce. Timestamp:  (00:43) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (01:56) Segment 1: Cognitive Brain Science in Talent Management (01:56) Can you tell us a little more about the origin of Peopleverse, the story behind it, and what you do? (04:08) What factors ignite employee motivation and propel them toward peak performance?  (09:22) You mentioned the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) as a key region associated with reward and pleasure or the ‘surprise factor.’ Could you elaborate on its role in employee motivation? (14:48) Segment 2: Application of Cognitive Brain Science (14:48) Any stories or examples of how - gaining deeper insights into human behavior, cognition, and decision-making processes helps businesses make more informed talent-related decisions and optimize their workforce strategies? (21:50) Segment 3: Spotlight on a Unique Tool: Predicting Candidate Joining  (21:50) Can you share any success stories or case studies where this tool has been particularly effective in predicting candidate joining outcomes? What level of accuracy or reliability can you expect from this tool in predicting candidate joining outcomes?  To learn more about EXPRESS RIGHT© visit ⁠ (27:27) Segment 4: Future Outlook and Closing Thoughts (27:27) What are some emerging trends or developments in Cognitive Brain Science that you believe will have the most significant impact on talent management in the coming years? (32:31) Rapid Fire Questions: (32:31) An area of talent management where you believe Cognitive Brain Science has the most potential for success? (32:59) One piece of advice to HR professionals about leveraging Cognitive Brain Science in talent management (34:25) Segment 4: Closing Thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message:
In our first episode of a brand-new season of Hireside Chats, we explore the business landscape of 2024 with special guest Sowri K, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Synergize Partners.  Join us as we delve into macro trends defining 2024, opportunities and challenges in India's business climate, the rise of Global Capability Centers (GCCs), and investor expectations for the year ahead. Plus, don't miss the exciting launch of Diamondpick’s Talent Trends ebook for 2024, providing valuable insights for navigating the evolving talent landscape. Tune in for a captivating discussion on the future of business! Download your exclusive copy of the Talent Trends 2024 Ebook now!  Guest Spotlight: Sowri K, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner at Synergize Partners, a company specializing in incubating and scaling healthcare technology companies. With over 25 years of experience, Sowri is passionate about leveraging generative AI to revolutionize healthcare. His expertise lies in driving business outcomes, leading digital transformations, and fostering innovation. With a strong track record in technology ventures, Sowri aims to empower healthcare providers and drive industry thought leadership. Timestamp:   (00:36) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (02:18)  Part 2: Introduction: Macro Trends Defining 2024 (02:18) What are the transformative changes or technological trends you are witnessing and anticipate in 2024?  And how do you think businesses such as ours should prepare for the opportunities that arise  (06:23) Part 3: Zooming In On India (06:23) How do you view the rise of  GCCs and their role in the country's business ecosystem?  (06:23) You spoke about shrinking S curves, faster S curves, and so on. With that comes a lot of opportunity. How is India positioned to grab some of these opportunities? (10:13)  Part 4: Closing Thoughts (10:13)  From an investor's viewpoint, what are the key expectations and considerations in the business landscape for 2024? What are your expectations or considerations and the factors you use to influence some of the investment decisions for 2024? (13:25) What are your observations? Has delivery mechanisms or the way work is done undergone any significant transformations?  (17:13) What would you like to convey to those who aspire to be entrepreneurs and investors- your advice to them? (19:58)  Launch of Talent Trends Ebook 2024 (20:53)  Part 5: Closing Thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 1 Finale

Season 1 Finale


In this season finale episode of Hireside Chats, we celebrate the highlights from our incredible first season!    We revisit the pivotal conversations that shaped our debut season with experts and thought leaders who are shaping the future of recruiting. From talent intelligence, HR platforms, and Gen AI revolutionizing HR practices to enriching conversations on emotional intelligence and high-performance habit-forming in leadership, we’ve covered it all. We also delved into topics that matter, from shattering the stigma surrounding mental health, unlocking brain capital, and embracing equity to the fascinating fusion of AI and ITeS recruitment and the power of upskilling in today's times. This showcase captures the essence of our best moments on Hireside Chats so far! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of Hireside Chats, we explore the transformative impact of upskilling on employee retention and workforce skills in the contemporary workplace. Host Sriram Rajagopal, Founder Diamondpick, chats with Nick Greif, the VP of Go-to-Market Strategy & Communications at InStride, about challenges faced by organizations in retaining talent, the evolving landscape of employee expectations, and the crucial role of continuous learning in fostering an engaged and loyal workforce. (01:28) Introduction to guest and the platform (02:30) Part 1: The Retention Challenge (02:43) What are the common challenges organizations face with high employee turnover and employee retention issues? How does high turnover impact organizational stability and productivity? (04:36) In your opinion, what are the main reasons why employees tend to leave organizations after a short tenure? (06:30) Part 2: The Power of Upskilling:  (06:50) Can you tell us how continuous learning and upskilling contribute to a company's competitive edge? How does it help to overcome retention challenges?  (09:04) Can you share success stories of organizations that have effectively implemented upskilling programs for their employees and the impact it had on retention and turnover? (12:01) Part 3: Benefits of Upskilling (12:23) From an individual point of view, from an employee's perspective, Are there any specific skills or upskilling programs that have shown a greater impact on employee retention over others? In general, do people see it as an investment in them? (14:19) Part 4: Prioritizing Upskilling in High Turnover Environments (14:47) Have you seen the investment in learning succeed as a tool to retain and upskill because you know that's what the individual is worried about today, right?  So, how do I get to a better position or pay? Have you seen it work in such environments as well?  (16:43) Do organizations have to tweak their entire strategy around growth and development and new talent acquisition in light of this investment? (19:19) Q&A (19:26)  According to you, the biggest retention challenge today. What do you think is the biggest retention challenge today that organizations face?  (19:42) A must-have in a learning culture? (19:50) A top must-have skill for modern employees? (20:06) A quick tip for companies looking to enhance employee adaptability? (20:25) A quick tip for employees looking to upskill their way to success? (20:42) Part 4: Closing Thoughts --- Send in a voice message:
If there is one industry where AI is almost a ‘natural fit’ for building a competitive edge, it is IT-enabled services (ITeS).    In this riveting episode, SatJ speaks to Swaminathan R, Chief People Officer at WNS Global Services, to explore the evolving landscape of recruitment in the Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS) industry, with a focus on the game-changing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Join us on this journey through the fascinating fusion of AI and ITeS recruitment. Whether you're a recruiter, industry professional, or AI enthusiast, this episode promises valuable insights and engaging discussions. (01:00) Introduction (01:51) Part 1: Understanding the ITES Landscape (2:02)  Can you share your perspective about the recent advancements in the Indian ITeS sector and its significance on the global business ecosystem today? (2:15) How have recent advancements in AI and technology affected the demands for talent in the ITeS sector, and how are companies adapting to this change? (6:10) Part 2: AI's Impact on ITES Recruitment (6:10) How is AI reshaping recruitment practices in the ITeS industry? (10:20) Can you give a very practical example of how let's say generative AI is impacting or transforming a business process in very simple terms? (13:10) Part 3: Navigating Challenges and Transforming TA in ITeS (13:10) What are some of the common challenges regarding AI-powered recruitment in the ITeS sector?  What are the best ways to overcome these challenges and maximize the benefits of AI-driven recruitment? (16:50) Any specific tips you want to give to students who are studying on these campuses? How can they be industry-ready over the next two to three years? (19:37) What upskilling initiatives are leading the way in building a highly skilled and adaptable workforce that thrives in the future of work? (21:58) Part 4: The Future of AI in ITeS Recruitment (22:02) How do you see India preparing itself for this AI challenge or the whole generative AI space? Do you think India is preparing itself again, not necessarily from a demand side or from a supply side, but as a country in your experience? (24:49) Q&A (24:57) Considering the evolving landscape and the influence of AI on work dynamics, what are your thoughts on the recent 70-hour workweek debate?  (25:37) So we spoke a lot about how AI is going to impact the recruiting industry. So, What are things that it cannot, where AI cannot make a difference in the recruiting process? (26:00)  In the near horizon, let's say a two to three-year term if you're excited about something and you're looking forward to something that AI is capable of doing, what is that?  (27:20) What is it that you dread the most with AI coming in? (28:25) What is your top advice to somebody young who wants to make it big in the industry that you represent, where, you know, business processes are getting transformed (30:20) Part 4: Closing Thoughts --- Send in a voice message:
Habit-forming leadership has the power to drive and sustain employee high performance for long-term success.    In this episode, SatJ speaks to Vivek Vijayan, Founder of TinyChange, to unravel the concept of habit-forming leadership, providing actionable guidance for leaders striving to attain their objectives, lead with effectiveness, and nurture high-performing teams. The conversation also emphasizes the transformative power of small habits, such as setting weekly goals or conducting daily reviews, in boosting leadership and team performance. (01:00)  Introduction to guest and the platform (02:35)  Part 1: Introduction: Understanding the Significance of Habit-Forming Leadership (03:00) What is the significance of habit-forming leadership in shaping effective leaders and creating high-performing teams, and specifically, why is it crucial for sustained long-term performance? (05:26) What are some of these key habits that leaders should have that are worth emulating? And again, let's kind of look at it from the current business context. Are there some habits that you can share with our viewers?  (09:20) Part 2: Cultivating Habit-Forming Leadership (9:34) So the power of habits can certainly not be understated. And you kind of alluded to that. But how do leaders create and propagate this amongst their teams? (09:58) How can leaders cultivate the right high-performing habits that you described and ensure that they drive their teams to success? As you know, some daily actions that leaders should have to help these teams kind of pick up these habits and start living them. (16:28) Part 3: Habit-Forming Leadership in Practice: Tools and Resources (16:35) Can you walk us through, how do you how TinyChange supports and encourages habit formation? It'll be great if you can share with us a real-life example that Tiny Change has come across where you have significantly transformed either organizational effectiveness or a leader's effectiveness through your interventions. (22:57) Part 3: Closing Thoughts, Actionable Steps and Productivity Insights (23:05) Can you suggest any actionable insights, steps, productivity hacks, or ideas for our own fraternity and for our HR leaders to implement these habits and actionable solutions?  (29:03) Q&A (29:13) What's the first leadership habit you recommend forming? (29:36) What’s your favorite personal productivity hack that has impacted your work? (30:08) A book or resource that has influenced your approach to habit-forming leadership? (30:56) Any productivity tip you learned from a renowned leader and found effective? Either someone you've worked with or someone you've heard about?  (32:16) Can you talk a little bit about what are these TinyChange planners and how one can access these planners? Do they have to go through a program of sorts to get access to it? How does it work? (35:01) Closing Thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we delve into the transformative role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in modern leadership. EQ is not just a buzzword; it's a game-changer that shapes how we lead, connect, and thrive in our personal and professional lives. Our guest speaker discusses how blending thinking and feeling skills helps leaders make smarter decisions.    As the world evolves at an unprecedented pace, leaders are faced with unique challenges and opportunities. This episode explores why EQ is the cornerstone of success in this hyper-changing environment, with key takeaways on how EQ can positively impact leadership and team dynamics. (01:01) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (2:51) Part 2: Introduction: The Power of Emotional Intelligence (3:18) Why don't you tell us a little about your experience as a leadership coach? And why are so many people discussing about EI, especially in the leadership context?  (6:22) Why do you think EQ or EI is even more relevant and important during the volatile and highly unpredictable times we are going through today? (8:25) Part 3: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Success (8:39) What are some of the components of Emotional Intelligence that one must possess to be an effective and successful Leader? Can you share examples or instances where leaders who exhibit high Emotional Intelligence drive success? What specific behaviors or actions demonstrated their EI? (14:03) Is EQ truly measurable? How does EQ contribute to achieving higher success in all outcomes of life? (19:18) How does EI help leaders adapt to change and bounce back from setbacks, making them more resilient in the face of challenges? (23:32) Part 4: Practical Strategies for Developing EI as a Leader (23:52) For those working towards developing their emotional intelligence, what guidance would you give them as a good starting point? (27:03) Are there specific technologies or tools that technology leaders can leverage to enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership skills, especially in today’s digital work environment? (29:04) Part 5: Q&A (29:16) Can you share a moment of leadership that had an impact on you? (29:37) A sure shot approach or step towards enhancing one's emotional intelligence?  (29:54) What is the most common misconception about emotional intelligence, and how do you address it?  (30:17) Your personal hack to effectively manage emotions and incredibly high-pressure situations.  (30:40) A book or an article on the topic that you would recommend as a must-read.  (31:14) Part 6: Closing Thoughts  If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message:
This episode unveils the secret sauce for Talent Transformation in the age of AI and Automation to help build the perfect workforce fit to take on emerging job roles.    SatJ, CEO of Diamondpick, and Satish Rajarathnam, HR and Global Head of Talent Transformation at Mphasis, talk about the biggest talent transformation reshaping the industry and redesigning talent practices using AI and Automation to build a digitally savvy and skills-powered, and future-ready workforce.  (02:22) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (02:26) Part 2: Introduction: A company is only as innovative as its employees (03:00) How has the concept of talent transformation evolved over the years? And why has it become a critical focus for organizations today?  And what are some of the large transformation programs that you are aware of that are shaping the industry? (09:46) How HR practitioners can create this agility in the workforce, how are HR practitioners responding to this future disruption and demand, and what is happening out there in the market? (13:14) Part 3: The Changing Face of Talent Acquisition (13:24) How are organizations leveraging AI and automation, especially in the talent acquisition function? How have you and your team adopted AI and automation? (20:23) Are you seeing candidates being open to this change? Do you get a sense that candidates and people who are being subject to these methodologies are embracing this, or is there resistance?  (24:40) Part 4: Real-World Success Stories & Embracing the Future (24:41) What advice would you offer to CHROs and talent leaders who are excited about the potential of AI and automation but are unsure about how to initiate such transformative changes within their own organizations? (29:17) Part 5: Q&A (29:33) A personal experience where AI-powered insights led to a game-changing hire? (30:39) Looking ahead, what future AI advancement are you most eager to incorporate into your talent acquisition playbook? (32:12) If you had to pick between a human recruiter versus an AI bot, whom would you pick?  (32:47) Closing thoughts  If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned --- Send in a voice message:
This episode features a hot topic, a new thought process that is exciting and cutting-edge – Unlocking Brain Capital. By combining technology, AI, and Neurosciences, Brain Capital is fast becoming an organizational asset that has the power to generate greater worker productivity, make better hiring decisions, and build a stronger, more resilient workforce.  Join the conversation as SatJ, CEO Diamondpick, Naresh Nagarajan, CTO of Neurowyz - a brain capital company that uses the latest thinking in neuroscience, advanced analytics, and AI to optimize employee brain health and performance and Nav Vij, Chief Digital Neuroscientist, Neurowyzr discuss how putting a premium on Brain Capital will help us all thrive in today’s complex world. (00:55) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (03:06) Part 2: The Cutting-Edge Concept Of Brain Capital & the Genesis of Neurowyzr (03:21) What exactly is this concept of brain capital, and how does it drive innovation in today's economy? (04:24) What led to the creation of Neurowyzr, where did this idea originate, and how far have you come along?  (09:56) Part 3: Developing a Brain Capital Workplace Strategy for Today's Workplaces (09:58) How do we harness neuroscience to build a high-performing, productive, and creative agile workforce? Share some examples of how organizations have been able to leverage brain capital to bring out their best in employees and how Neurowyzr has been helping them.  (15:12) Part 4: The Impact on Recruitment/Hiring (15:42) How can neuroscience help organizations attract potential employees?  And does Neurowyzr have plans to enhance the tools and technology that are available today— to use neuroscience to help with this whole recruitment process? (22:32) Part 5: Recruitment Powered by Generative Al (23:07) With generative AI and so much of neuroscience being spoken around, and especially when you speak about brain health and all that with employees, how do you think the reception has been, and has Neurowyzr been successful in convincing organizations that this is the way to go? (26:36) Part 6: Q&A  (26:51) If there is one brain-boosting best practice in your day-to-day regime, what would that be?  And what would be your suggestion to our listeners?  (29:20) One cognitive skill that you feel is a must-have for all our modern workplaces. (29:55) Closing thoughts  If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned! --- Send in a voice message:
In this Recruiter’s Day special episode, Raghunandan Patre, Talent Strategy Consultant and Coach, shares strategies to help recruiters equip themselves to navigate the changing world of work and build resilient and successful recruitment capabilities. He also shares valuable insights on the latest trends shaping the world of work and the skills needed to adapt and excel in this new environment. Listen to the episode for a real-world glimpse of the evolving talent landscape and tips and tactics for recruiters to stay relevant in the near future. He urges recruiters to develop a forward-thinking mindset and leverage technology to enhance their recruitment capabilities. (01:30) Introduction to guest and the platform (02:16) Part 1: It's time to future-proof your career (04:35) By 2025, the role of a recruiter will be even more complex than it is today, but it will create many opportunities for those that can seize them. (05:50) How does the TA role look like in 2025? (17:10) How will recruiting roles evolve? (22:50) Part 2: Changing Recruitment Landscape - Current State and Future State  (27:16) Recruitment IS marketing. If you’re a recruiter nowadays and don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’re in the wrong profession. (28:36) Talent Attraction & Recruiters (30:22) Technology & Recruiters (31:35) What should you do NOW? (35:18) Your future skill map (39:54) Part 3: Q&A (43:38) Closing Thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. --- Send in a voice message:
Even on the best days, stress and anxiety can prevent us from doing our best work. In the wake of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical for businesses to address the mental well-being of their people. And that’s what this episode is all about – actionable insights & proven mindfulness that lead to healthier organizations from the inside out. This timely episode features our host SatJ, CEO of Diamondpick, and Dr. Srividhya – Professor, Head Psychologist, Behaviour Therapist, and Transformational Coach at Myndwell, and Senior Consultant Psychologist, Mindscape Counseling – who talk about confronting the stigma surrounding this topic and how to prioritize mental health and employee wellbeing in the workplace. (00:44) : Introduction to guest and the platform (03:34) : Part 1: Introduction: The State of Mental Health (04:22) : What has led to this phenomenon, and what can we do about it? (05:10) : In your opinion, how much does the hybrid work environment contribute to burnout, stress, or anxiety? (07:33) : What are some ways we can support mental health for women? (11:52) : Part 2: Destigmatizing Mental Health (12:38) : What must organizations do to destigmatize mental health and normalize conversations around it at work? (14:12) : Can you share good examples of what other organizations are currently doing to provide the best mental health programs for their employees? (15:27) : Part 3: Mental Health Matters (15:55) : Almost all organizations today have an EAP program in place. How do we take these programs up a notch to make them work for us all? (18:53) : There is a sudden emergence of mental health apps and also many mental health experts out there. How useful are these? (21:00) : Can you share some practical tips for our listeners on managing our mental health? (22:04) : How can one self-diagnose? How do we know if we are silently suffering from some mental health issues? (23:00) : Part 4: Closing Thoughts: Creating a Psychologically Great Place to Work (23:17) : How do we make our organization a safe space where employees at all levels can communicate openly without fear or discrimination? (25:21) : How do we encourage more diversity within mental health? (26:37) : Rapid Fire Questions (28:49) : Closing Remarks If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next week, stay tuned --- Send in a voice message:
We are back with another episode of Hireside Chats brought to you by Diamondpick. This special episode features two in-house talent leaders and experts, Sriram Rajagopal - Founder & Director Diamondpick, and Arvind Ramani - President, Account Management and Operations Strategic Accounts, Diamondpick; who chat about the rise of the contingent workforce.  The duo talk about the dynamics of the contingent workforce, the mindset shift for both employers and employees and how this trend shapes up the talent market. They share some interesting thoughts and anecdotes from client experiences on how this agile workforce model can be engaged and leveraged dynamically for organizational success. (00:00) : Hireside Chats Intro (00:43) : Host & Guest Intro (02:24) Part 1: Introduction: The Rise of Flexpreneurs  (02:50) : I like the term Flexpreneur. It has a nice ring to it. How did this term come into being? (03:42) : What are your thoughts on the growth of the contingent workforce, its impact, and where do you think we’re heading? (04:40) : Part 2: The cost effect (05:04) : The cost-benefit ratio is comparatively higher to onboard a Flexpreneur, especially w.r.t filling open positions, cost to hire, and cost of separation or replacement. What are your views on this? (06:07) : From your client interactions, can you share with us a scenario to help our listeners better understand the cost-benefit this working model brings to organizations? (07:52) : Part 3: Contingent Staffing– the most powerful employment strategy of today (08:19) : Why do you think contingent staffing is becoming one of the most powerful employment strategies today? And why now? (09:18) : In India, contingent labor is considered subpar, or at least that is a perception. Do you get to hear that? And what is your view or take on it?  (10:36) : Apart from cost, what are the other benefits of hiring Flexpreneurs? Filling a short-term requirement is one, flexibility and agility is a close second. What else does this model have to offer? (15:16) : Any client experience that you would like to share with our audience to put things into perspective? (16:40) : Let’s talk about what we do here at Diamondpick. How does our Contingent Staffing offering stack up against others in the market?  Are you doing anything specifically to curate that talent, what kind of promise do you give to the individuals that place their bets with you? (18:06) : Part 4: The Flexpreneur Revolution and Closing Thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next week, stay tuned! --- Send in a voice message:
In this IPL special episode of the Hireside Chats, ⁠SatJ⁠, CEO of ⁠Diamondpick⁠ and Ram Ramanathan, CEO Fandom Sports & Entertainment, talk all about Cricket, the IPL and the best business lessons we can learn from the IPL and sports industry.  The conversation takes some interesting turns from the evolution of fandom to highlighting the power of fans of an employer brand. Cricket fans, or not, join the conversation for some interesting insights from Ram on the media and entertainment industry and how one must keep reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the game.  (00:00) : Hireside Chats Intro (00:44) Part 1: Introduction: The IPL Fever (Intro to guest) (3:44) :  What makes the IPL so special compared to all other professional leagues? (6:22) : One’s always intrigued by what doesn’t meet the eye. What’s it like behind-the-scenes to pull off an IPL season? (10:21) : What would you like to say to anyone considering a career in IPL and in general Sports, Media & Entertainment? (11:35) : What’s your most memorable live IPL moment? (14:06) : Tell us a little about the industry, what you do, and how your companies, Fandom, Desh Vegas and Ingene, came into being.  (16:50) : What would you like talent and talent leaders to hear from  your own personal experience?  (22:01) : How would that translate into your vision for the ventures that  you're running currently?  (24:07) : How has IPL addressed this evolving needs of the fans? (29:34) : Part 2: It’s all in the Game (30:11) : What are some commonalities that you see between IPL and talent acquisition? (34:38) : What do you think is the secret sauce behind building the various IPL teams? Do they have a strategy that talent leaders can learn from?   (39:11) : Part 3: Creating Raving Fans of Your Employer Brand (39:50) : What are your thoughts on this? What can ‘fans of the employer brand’ or brand ambassadors do for the organization’s success? (41:22) : Part 4:Closing Thoughts (41:58) : Rapid Fire Questions (44:57) : Closing Remarks If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next week, stay tuned.   --- Send in a voice message:
In this very special episode of Hireside chats, SatJ, CEO of Diamondpick, hosts a meaningful discussion about the 2023 IWD theme - Embracing Equity and what it means for today’s organizations, and what we must do to create a more equitable workplace.  He is joined by two powerful women in their fields Kamali Rajesh, Global Head of People and Organisation Development, Syngenta, a leading sustainable and innovative agriculture company, and Manju Bharadwaj, Chief People Officer at Straive, a market-leading content technology enterprise. A recent study by IBM and Oxford Economics has revealed some troubling news about gender equity in the workplace, which we discuss. We also chat about this year’s IWD theme embracing equity and what it means for today’s organizations, the power of allies and mentors in elevating a sense of belongingness, and gender-neutral leadership. Tune in to hear about our guests’ personal journeys, the challenges they faced along the way, and their perspectives on the workplace of the future. They also talk about what we need to be doing to create future-ready workplaces. Read our 2023 Talent Playbook for Enterprises for insights like these to help attract a diverse workforce. Download your exclusive copy here. (00:00) : Hireside Chats Intro (02:45) : Part 1: Intro to Guest, IWD, and women at the workplace (03:25) : Kamali, can you tell our listeners a little bit about your career journey;  and how and where DEI has played a role in shaping your experiences? (07:00) :  Manju, You've held a leadership role for over 24 years now.  We'd love to hear about your career journey and what DEI means for you and for women in tech today. (09:48) : Part 2: Promoting Diversity and Fostering Equity & Belongingness at the workplace (11:10) : Kamali, in your experience today, there's a lot of awareness and effort in the DEI space. Are these efforts enough to foster equity in the workplace? Or do we need to do more or maybe even something different to create truly an impact? (14:02) : Manju, from your own experience in building and implementing DEI programs, what do you think are some of the main reasons for the program's success? And why do some of them fail to make an impact? (16:34) : Part 3: The difference between equity and equality (16:55) : Manju, in your own words, what exactly is equity, and from your experience, what are some tools and strategies for embedding equity in our work culture today? (20:00) : Kamali, Workplaces have witnessed an evolution from the gender gap to gender equality and now to gender equity. So Kamali, is leadership truly gender neutral, and if you believe yes, then why aren't there an equal number of women leading all aspects of work and society? If not, why do you think that is? (23:25) : Part 4: Closing Thoughts - Personal Experiences and Sentiments (23:26) : Looking back on your career, what aspects of your career journey would you share as an inspiration to aspiring women to keep going? (30:42) : Rapid fire Questions (34:32) : Closing remarks If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next week, stay tuned --- Send in a voice message:
In today’s episode, our host SatJ, CEO of Diamondpick, caught up with Mr. Rajesh Balaji Sathyanarayanan, the CHRO of, to chat about how platforms and analytics work in successful matchmaking and how it translates to attracting and hiring today's talent.  Rajesh shares some interesting insights drawn from his experience leading a matchmaking business that is a market leader and a trusted brand in every Indian household. He talks about how an all-encompassing platform-based business has the power to create such a huge impact, the importance of data and analytics in making interesting people matches, and also how matchmaking platforms inspire talent acquisition apps to attract today’s talent with a simple and digitally focused experience. The 2023 Talent Playbook for Enterprises draws on expert insights from seasoned talent acquisition stakeholders to help you navigate the current talent landscape and help future-proof your talent strategy. Download your exclusive copy here 02:03 Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform 4:48 has created a big impact and today, evolved to become the market leader in the match-making space. What’s the secret sauce behind this unrivalled success? 7:07 In a high-touch industry like this, how does technology integrate into the product to create an enhanced user experience? We know that analytics and data play a critical role in matchmaking success, tell us a little about how you leverage data and knowledge to deliver an enhanced product. 11:46 What are some interesting and unique people matches that you’ve come across? Please share with us some examples. 13:04 Part 2: From Swipe Right to Hire Right: Matchmaking in the Modern World 16:03 Can we capitalize on the best practices of matchmaking to enhance our recruiting efforts and create the perfect marriage between talent and employers? 19:57 With regards to the recent market trends in platform-based hiring and talent solutions, what are your thoughts about it? 21:49 Part 3: Closing thoughts 22:55: What do you think is a secret to successful relationships be it at business or in our personal lives? 24:38 Closing remarks --- Send in a voice message:
Hello and welcome to Hireside Chats, an exclusive show brought to you by Diamondpick, that brings together insights, news, and views from industry leaders as they chat with us about how smart and effective hiring decisions are made. In our inaugural episode, our host SatJ caught up with IT industry veteran Mr. Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, founder and partner of Catalincs LLP, on what it takes to be successful in the current recruiting landscape and Talent Intelligence Driven Recruiting. In this episode, Ramkumar launches the 2023 Talent Playbook For Enterprises that draws on expert insights from seasoned talent acquisition stakeholders to help you navigate the current talent landscape and help future-proof your talent strategy.  Download your exclusive copy here (0:42) Intro (02:11) 2023 Talent Playbook Launch, Guest, and Catalincs (04: 32) Part 1: Can you tell us a little bit about Catalincs  – how it came into being, how is your advisory model different, and what’s the early success you have had in scaling and growing your portfolio of companies? (07:31) Part 2: Current Talent Market (07:41) What are you seeing in the recruiting landscape at the moment and what is it that organizations are doing to be successful with the challenges out there? (09:09) In your opinion, what’s the secret sauce to winning the war for talent? (11:13) Part 3: Talent Intelligence (11:52) Why developing a data-driven recruiting process should be a high priority in this current state talent landscape? (15:11) What are you seeing in terms of Talent Data-Led Hiring, and how can people effectively leverage it to make smart hiring decisions? (17:50) What are some talent intelligence-led interventions that will help diagnose talent needs? (20:05) How does one best identify what data/talent intelligence they require to track to effectively drive hiring actions? (22:33) Can you share a couple of examples of a recruitment/talent strategy that was elevated with the use of metrics and Talent Intelligence? (28:50) Part 4: Closing Thoughts (29:18) What’s on your radar in 2023 that wasn’t in 2022? --- Send in a voice message:
Hireside Chats is an exclusive Podcast for Talent Acquisition enthusiasts that brings you everything that’s latest and new from the hiring world. Featuring thought leaders, industry veterans, and experts in their fields to share with us their views on trending topics in the recruitment world. Tune in to learn how smart hiring decisions are made now and in the future. Produced by Diamondpick --- Send in a voice message:
This episode explores the fascinating world of Generative AI and its impact on HR and recruitment. Join us as we dive deep into the realm of artificial intelligence and uncover the innovative techniques used to generate unique and creative outputs that are transforming the very foundation of recruitment.   SatJ, CEO of Diamondpick, and Sriram Iyer, Founder, and CEO of HR Tech, a firm with a vision to empower HR teams to embrace data-driven and tech-savvy approaches, discuss all about the impact and power of harnessing Generative AI to transform talent management and how we must prepare for the inevitable future of work.  (02:26) Part 1: Introduction to guest and the platform (02:30) Part 2: The Current State of Generative AI in HR (02:52) What, according to you, is so different about generative AI, and what do you think is behind all of this disruptive potential? (4:32) Why is there so much buzz around HR Technology, especially in Asia?  (07:50) Do you think Generative AI will completely alter recruiting as we know it? What specific HR processes or functions do you believe will benefit the most from the implementation of Generative AI? (12:13) Part 3:   The Application of Generative AI in HR across the Employee Lifecycle  (12:22) How have organizations used HR technology to enhance employee experience?  (18:16) Do you think Generative AI can contribute to creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, and what challenges should organizations be aware of in this context? (20:39) Part 4:  Future HR Skills & Jobs of the Future  (21:07) How can HR professionals prepare themselves to thrive in this digital age? (24:43) Part 5: Q&A  (24:58) What was the first task you attempted using chatGPT or generative AI? (25:15) One HR tech trend you will place your bets on? (25:38) One thing to keep in mind while implementing tech in any HR process? (26:33) What is the one core HR competency that no technology can replace? (27:46) Closing thoughts If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review, or share it on your socials to help us reach as many ears as possible. So, until next time, stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message:
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