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Author: Travis Garza

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Travis Garza is a native Oklahoman who has dedicated his life to personal fitness...first his and now yours.

After a successful and celebrated bodybuilding career, Travis took his years of fitness experience and education and unleashed his knowledge to his Oklahoma neighbors. As former director and owner of several fitness facilities, Travis is well educated on America's frustration with fitness and the plethora of "quick fix" promises being sold. He began his own personal training career in Oklahoma City in 1986 and has since become one of the most sought after fitness professionals in the nation. Through his years of experience Travis has designed multiple personal training and dietary fitness programs that have proven to be the most effective and results oriented of its kind.

Travis is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with expertise in designing fitness and nutrition plans for all levels of clients.

Travis Garza's Fat Loss Camps are Oklahoma's original camp dedicated solely to helping you lose fat and rewire your mindset towards food and fitness. Thousands of people from across the state have attended classes at one of his various locations, and thousands more join classes virtually via the online "at home" live feed membership option.

Travis is committed to continuing to bring his proven method of body AND mind transformation to the public.

17 Episodes
Why are supplements important in your weight loss journey? Do I really need them to lose weight?  Should I stop taking them once I'm at my goal weight? These are questions we hear all of the time! Let's dive into what some thoughts and opinions on supplements! 
Dive into the back story of how I turned my love for bodybuilding into a passion to help overweight women learn to lose weight and keep it off. 
Episode #11: RESPECT

Episode #11: RESPECT


Come with me a little more outside of the box than normal... View your food with a little respect and viewing the positive and negative that can occur when you don't know your boundaries (or portions) or exceed those boundaries. Learning to view food with respect give you the opportunity to value the food you are putting into your body. 
Subconsciously you maybe afraid to try something because a deep fear it may not work and how that will make you feel. In reality, what do you really have to lose? What's the worst that could happen if it doesn't workout, BUT what are you missing if it actually does work! 
No, we aren't talking the physical image of your body, but how you take care of it. They way you care for your body/health is a direct reflection of how you handle business or the rest of your life. When you are putting in the reps of taking care of YOU, the world also benefits. The people who need you, you family, your friends, you employer etc. all benefit from getting the best version of YOU! 
When you are dealing with a struggle you will often feel overwhelmed with finding a solution.  This is what I like to call weight loss paralysis. You want to make a change, you want to lose weight, but you are frozen.Work with this 15 minute activity to set yourself free from weight loss paralysis to move you towards weight loss freedom. 
Episode #7: Habits

Episode #7: Habits


Mindless eating, late night snacking, and trying to find comfort from food are some of the most talked about topics with my clients. We have habits that take place in each environment we enter and learning a new response or habit can be difficult. Try out this simple activity to help create new habits. 
Once you get passed the highly restrictive, fad diets and start focusing on the longevity of your weight loss and sustainable lifestyle, you just can't go back! Knowing there is a way to lose weight and enjoy the foods that you actually like is a different kind of freedom. Start looking past the "fast weight loss" marketing and start learning and discovering what works in your life. 
If being busy is a reason you can't take care of yourself then let's work on finding that time, being prepared, and knowing what your next step. 
The perception of food addiction is different than so many other addictions. Being overweight and continuing to gain weight is causing issues and harm mentally and physically, but is seen as "better than drugs or alcohol". The battle with being overweight is more than just yours, your family, friends, co-workers etc. are battling for the best version of you!
Why you cannot connect to a number and how you should set your sights on something that means more to you.
We have been taught to gage our success based off of our weight loss goal or goal weight. Attaching the feeling of being success to a number is why we feel let down or depressed once it's met. We can't connect to a number the way we can connect to a certain experience or event. When working from the inside out and redefining success as time passes is the only way keep the weight off.Follow me on TikTok: @TravisGarzaCoach 
When it comes to weight loss, it isn't all about the diet, the workouts, or even the lifestyle... It's about the beliefs you have about yourself and your ability to lose weight. The weight loss industry has programmed you into believing YOU are the failure, YOU are weak, that YOU will always be overweight. Shifting your perspective and viewing weight loss from the inside out, creates LONG LASTING, SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS. Isn't that what we are all looking for??
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