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Audio from the Minnesota American Marketing Association's November 2009 Conference
57 Episodes
It's Not What You Say That Matters, It's What You Do. Paul Isakson- Brand Strategist and Marketing Innovation Catalyst The continued growth of social media is forcing the marketing world to evolve. The tricky part is doing it right. In this presentation, you’ll learn a strategic approach to social media that connects your brand to people in ways that inspire them to work with you, not against you.
Beyond social media- John Olson Social media isn’t a new concept. Tapping into consumer-driven dialogue enabled through online tools where people share opinions, experiences, reviews and countless other perspectives, is the same way they’ve done over dinner tables and backyard fences for years. Hear how OLSON is connecting people to brands through social circles.
Beyond the Hype: An Introduction to Social Media Clockwork Active Media Systems Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker - Geek Girls “Social media” is the buzzword of the moment. But, what does it actually mean? Beyond the hype, how can people and businesses use these tools to connect with employees, clients and customers? The Geek Girls will give an overview of the social media sphere and discuss how to create a social media strategy that really works.
Dom Rossi, Magazine Publishers of America: Are you Leaving Money on the Table? Today, agencies are being asked to “do more with less.” Understanding precisely which media delivers on that directive and at what cost, is more important now than ever. This presentation takes an insightful look at media performance with cross-media ROI analytics and “best practices” that optimizes the purchase funnel and turning “intent into action.”
After the Click: Using Analytics to Improve the Performance of Your Online Marketing Campaigns- Benjamin Rudolph, Search Discovery 90% of the success of your online marketing campaigns has to do with your website, not the marketing. Using web analytics to tend to the site is, therefore, what's most important. Session attendees will learn actionable tips to help them optimize their website to maximize conversions after the click.
Launching a Revolution: Marketing FlexPerks Visa Reward Cards Bob Daly, US Bank-Launching a Revolution This is a story of a new breed of travel reward credit cards. A story about overcoming odds and surpassing established players with bigger budgets. It's the tale of a company that listened to its customers and responded with products and a marketing campaign that resonated. It's the story of launching FlexPerks Visa
Innovating to Address the New Consumer of Today Bahram Akradi-Lifetime Fitness The current economic meltdown has permanently reshaped today’s increasingly discerning consumer. More than ever before, attracting and retaining customers demands innovative new approaches that deepen relationships, enhance connectivity and deliver real, meaningful value. In the face of a sustained economic headwind, businesses must invest in strengthening customers’ experience and results. Those who otherwise rely upon conventional wisdom face a recipe for failure, not success.
Marketing Momentum: How to Generate Consistent Growth - Steve McKee, Mckee Wallwork Cleveland
Jonathan Salem Baskin, Author, Speaker and Chief Heretic Branding in a Post-Branded World If we truly want to realize marketing ROI, we need: (1) a new definition for brands, and (2) novel approaches to delivering them. The old approaches simply don’t work, no matter how expertly and creatively they’re repurposed; we live in a post-branded world, and our plans for 2010+ should reflect this new reality.
Michael Keller, International Dairy Queen DQ - A Smile and Story: Innovation and an Iconic Brand How do you keep a 70 year old, iconic brand fresh and relevant? Start with the basics and work toward brand relevant innovation from there. DQ’s story is a good one for all marketers and advertisers trying to find growth and remain competitive in a cluttered marketplace and media space.
Optimizing Customer Loyalty - How Best Buy has added a Premier Silver tier to its Reward Zone program and what it means Margaret Murphy, President of Denali Marketing, and Barb Olson, Vice President of Loyalty, Best Buy, will share the launch of the Premier Silver tier for Best Buy's Reward Zone program. What went in to the thinking, the value proposition of the program, and how they're continuing to optimize the modeling approach to ensure the Best customers are Premier Silver and stay Premier Silver.
John Bowman & Peter Hubbell, Saatchi and Saatchi Lovemarks - The Future Beyond Brands Has marketing reached a dead-end in this recession? Is there nothing beyond branding-as-usual? Saatchi & Saatchi answers an emphatic "No!" In "Lovemarks - The Future Beyond Brands," we will demonstrate our conviction with over 25 cutting-edge examples from around the world. We will reveal vital dimensions of mystery, sensuality and intimacy that empower achievement of loyalty beyond reason.
Keynote:Scott Williams, Chief Creative Officer , Morgans Hotel Group-Indifference Sucks
Session:Experience Design-The Consumer/Brand Love Affair- Kimberlee Karr-- Experience Design Manager, Juut Salon
Session:Research Design-Dreaming of Life in a Global Market--Kevin Schmidt
Session:Product Design, How Design Helped a New Soda Take Off--Joe Heron-- Founder, Nutrisoda/Airforce Drinks
Session:Experience Design-The Creative Cocktail: Getting Results From a Stressed Organization--Jane Casto-- Director of Packaging, Ecolab
Session-Product Design- I didn't like it at first, but it's starting to grow on me- Curt Bailey -- President, Sunberg-Ferar, Inc.
Session:Experience Design- Learning From Experience:Boomeranging Consumers into Customers- Jay Hewitt--CMO, Transamerica
Session:Communication Design- The Relationship Between Design and Business- Amy Arias/Aaron Keller - Owners Mosquito/Capsule
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