DiscoverYour Music Industry Podcast with Daniel Fish068: Rudosa on Producing Techno, Creative Workflows & Artist/DJ Income
068: Rudosa on Producing Techno, Creative Workflows & Artist/DJ Income

068: Rudosa on Producing Techno, Creative Workflows & Artist/DJ Income

Update: 2020-05-20


Although considered a breakthrough artist in recent times, Rudosa has been a standout talent for a commendable period in underground circles. Since first announcing his arrival on the scene well over a decade ago, he has carved out a definitive sonic palette that has understandably brought its fair share of kudos from both industry specialists and club-goers alike. This wholehearted peer support has led to international tours not only around the UK and Europe, but further afield to India, a domain well-known for its love of robust underground techno music.

During today’s podcast, we sit down with Mark aka Rudosa to gain some perspective on his journey, his approach to producing Techno and a deep dive into his musical world beyond Rudosa which includes his own school ‘Make Me A DJ’. Towards the end of the podcast, Mark also enlightens us to his current perspective on lockdown and the opportunity for the local intimate scene and venues once lockdown begins to open.

Show Notes:

Highlights From This Episode:

[0:00 ] We catch-up with Rudosa and understand how he’s been finding lockdown.

[1:05 ] Rudosa enlightens us to his yearly structure by allowing specific time for writing music. He also breadcrumbs us as to how he approaches writing tracks, which we dive deeper into later on in the show.

[5:45 ] Where does Rudosa draw musical influences from? Mark introduces us as to how genres like Trance from when he was 15 still influence his sound and music today.

[9:25 ] Back at its peak, Rudosa was a resident at the legendary Sankeys in Manchester and the story of how he landed this slot was quite organic and natural. Mark offers his experience and thoughts on why it worked and what upcoming DJs & Artists can learn from it on how to get more DJ gigs and residencies.

[19:47 ] Rudosa breaks down his 'Be In The Moment' Remix for the Liverpool based KUSP (UK) lads and introduces to not only his workflow in the studio but also his thoughts on the ‘Rudosa’ sound that he’s still fine-tuning today.

[25:11 ] Mark lets us into his current perspective on techno and the current trends and how he’s balancing making what he likes and entertains him but also creating fresh sounding tracks.

[28:22 ] Lately, Mark's been buying more music from Bandcamp so we compare Beatport and Bandcamp for a moment and how Bandcamp now feels like falling down the rabbit hole of discovering new music.

[31:58 ] A big dream of a lot of artists is to go full-time in music and that means making enough to pay the bills, Rudosa not only pays the bills by means of Rudosa music, gigs and merchandise but also his own DJ School called ‘Make Me A DJ’. In this section he enlightens us to this world and how it’s supported him in many ways including financially.

[35:34 ] Other than Make Me A DJ, how does Rudosa make money as an artist - and what are the biggest income streams? Mark introduces us to his own artist income blueprint.

[40:10 ] “The UK Club scene will open before international travel”, Rudosa cleverly offers us some insight into his current position on his plans for post-lockdown.

[42:01 ] Looking to the future, what change would Rudosa like to see in the dance music industry in the next 3-5 years?

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068: Rudosa on Producing Techno, Creative Workflows & Artist/DJ Income

068: Rudosa on Producing Techno, Creative Workflows & Artist/DJ Income

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