DiscoverYour Music Industry Podcast with Daniel Fish069: Chicane on the Chicane Ethos/Sound, Technology and Demoitus
069: Chicane on the Chicane Ethos/Sound, Technology and Demoitus

069: Chicane on the Chicane Ethos/Sound, Technology and Demoitus

Update: 2020-05-25


From crafting dance music classics including Saltwater and OffShore to chart topping success with tracks such as Poppiholla, today we are welcomed with the presence of dance music legend Chicane.

It’s not come easily to Chicane though, with sacrifices, industry challenges of being hacked and things being stolen in today’s podcast episode Nick enlightens us to the reality of Chicane. We cover ground including how the change in technology has effected his creative approach, how he now heavily produces tracks in his head before even getting into the studio and what he defines to be ‘Demoitus’ (a first for me too!). Tune in to uncover all above as well as the sonic adventure of Poppiholla.

Show Notes:

Highlights from this episode:

[0:00 ] An insight into the lockdown life of Chicane

[02:40Nick offers some perspective on why he thinks his music is timeless and how technology has changed his process of writing music, including why Saltwater took 3 months to create in the 90s.

[5:50 ] Nick has found that the older he gets, he writes more in his head rather than just sitting in the studio and expressing. In this section, he enlightens us to this process.

[7:20 ] Chicane offers his thoughts on creativity and the Chicane Ethos with some insight into his journey and past as a graphic designer

[12:20 ] With the progression of technology making music production accessible, Nick offers his thoughts on his biggest personal negative that this has brought.

[16:43 ] A Chicane live performance can come in the form as a DJ set and also as the live touring band, we get to grips with how these differs and how lately, some DJs are adding more hardware into their live sets.

[19:31 ] We dive into Daniel’s favourite Chicane track ‘Poppiholla’, and the story of how that came together with a tale of Nick travelling to Iceland for some sessions.

[22:58 ] With some amazing peaks as Chicane from performances and sets to collaborations and charts, Nick talks reality and talks about some of his own struggles through the Chicane journey.

[27:30 ] Now onto the third decade of Chicane, we explore how the music business has changed and how Nick has created some diverse income streams including his Sun:Sets Patreon using the direct-to-fan model.

[34:30 ] ’Life always fluctuates and you’ll never always be at the top of your came’, Nick enlightens us to the behind the scenes life of Chicane and some of the sacrifices he’s made to be where he is today.

[41:37 ] We look to the future and found out what change Chicane would like to see in the world of Dance music in the next 3-5 years.

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069: Chicane on the Chicane Ethos/Sound, Technology and Demoitus

069: Chicane on the Chicane Ethos/Sound, Technology and Demoitus

Daniel Fish