089 - with Mike Rosolio - On Video Game History

089 - with Mike Rosolio - On Video Game History

Update: 2020-01-07


Howdy, Zengineers,

This week we’ve got our most popular guest, back for another romp down memory lane. Yes, Mike Rosolio returns to discuss the history of Video Games with us. There are some secret reveals, but I can’t remember if they are so secret that they weren’t mentioned in the show. If they are, they’ll be cut. If they’re not, then you’ll hear them. What a cliffhanger? Is that the right phrase? I don’t think so.

Anyway, this week we chase down some fun memories discussing our own experiences with video games over our lives. All three of us are part of an age group that really grew up with video games as they were emerging as a global force. When we were very young, they were still only for the most cutting edge tech nerds. Now, everyone gets to be addicted to them.

Mike brings some real depth to this conversation as he’s not only the greatest player of video games we know, but he’s also a major history buff. We chase down some of the major developers and artists in the video game business world world, discuss Mario, Nintendo Power, weirdly over-sexualized characters from Soul Caliber, and the increasing and current moral complexities that modern games encounter.

As always, it’s a great convo with Mike, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking. We know we do... like listening to ourselves.

 Ya know what I mean. Yeah. We do. Endless loop. Loop.

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089 - with Mike Rosolio - On Video Game History

089 - with Mike Rosolio - On Video Game History

Brian and Adam