096 Changing Plans

096 Changing Plans

Update: 2022-04-23


Emma and Luke were going to grab lunch, but there has been a change in plans. This episode has natural phrases to use when bringing up a change in plans and rescheduling your plans for another day.

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Transcript Emma (00:02): You are listening to an English conversation about changing plans with Dialogue Frog. So, Luke, I'm so sorry, but I'm gonna have to cancel our lunch plans for today. Luke (00:12): That's not good. What happened? Emma (00:14): Yeah. I'm sorry. I just found out my cat's sick. Got- I've got to take her to the vet. Luke (00:18): Uh-Oh, hope she's okay. Emma (00:20): Yeah. I think she'll be alright. Just gotta take her there real quick, but we should probably do lunch like next week maybe? Luke (00:26): Oh, I think I have, um, a class I need to study for. Emma (00:31): Class. So, what about Saturday? The end of the week? Luke (00:34): Um, that sounds good. Um, I think by then I'll really be craving a, a burrito. Emma (00:42): Burrito. What if we do pizza? I heard there's this, this new food truck that we can go visit. Luke (00:48): That sounds good. Emma (00:50): Yeah. A pizza food truck. I'm not sure how that works. So, it might be kind of fun. Luke (00:55): Unless

Jul 15th
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096 Changing Plans

096 Changing Plans

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