098 Library

098 Library

Update: 2022-05-07


This week, Emma and Luke take a trip to the local library.

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Sep 16th


Transcript Emma (00:02): Welcome to a practice English conversation with Dialogue Frog. Luke (00:07): So, we're at the library. Emma (00:09): Yes! So, very cool. Libraries have a lot more than books these days. Luke (00:14): Yep. It's true. Emma (00:15): Although I've always loved libraries because I love books- Luke (00:18): Right. Emma (00:19): -but modern libraries, especially in towns or communities that are larger and have better support, they have all kinds of cool stuff. You can check out, not only books, movies, video games, board games, audio books, even- you can get an app where you can download eBooks and they sometimes have like computer labs or recording studios. Luke (00:46): As in the case here. Emma (00:47): As in the case here, this is pretty cool. Luke (00:50): It is. I feel like we sound like- Emma (00:52): Broadcast. Luke (00:53): Broadcast. Emma (00:54): Broadcast radio. Very cool stuff. Luke (00:59): Yeah. Libraries are, are a really good resource for, uh, lots of

Jul 15th

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Dec 12th
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098 Library

098 Library

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