104 Pizza Truck

104 Pizza Truck

Update: 2022-07-031


Luke recently went to a pizza truck and he describes the truck to Emma, who hasn’t been there yet. 

This episode has many common phrases and expressions to describe things in English conversations to another person. It also has conversational English phrases to ask about something that was described to check your understanding or get more information about the object.

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Transcript Emma (00:02): You are listening to Dialogue Frog's conversations for practicing English. You went to the pizza food truck, and you went without me. Luke (00:16): I did bring you pizza though. Emma (00:17): You did. That's true. Luke (00:18): You can't- you can't accuse me of that. Emma (00:22): But I kinda wanted to see it too. So, can you tell me what was the pizza truck like? Luke (00:29): Um, they had, it was kind of cool. They had a little miniature brick oven built in, so they would, uh, cook their crusts and then, um, assemble it or maybe I got that backwards. They probably assembled it and then cooked, cooked it. But either way there was cooking and there was assembling. Emma (00:47): So, let me, lemme try and understand this. So, the vehicle, the, the auto automotive, the automobile is separate from the fireplace where they cooked the pizza. Luke (00:59): No, it's built in to the, to the truck part. Emma (01:03): Oh, it is? Luke (01:04): Uh. Emma (01:04): So, like th

Jul 15th
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104 Pizza Truck

104 Pizza Truck

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