DiscoverThe Easily Distracted Entrepreneur161. Small Changes to Get Time Back in Life with Jessie Patterson
161. Small Changes to Get Time Back in Life with Jessie Patterson

161. Small Changes to Get Time Back in Life with Jessie Patterson

Update: 2022-12-21


If you’re neurodivergent, you likely struggle with focus. You spend hours and hours (and hours!) trying to get a task done but are derailed by distractions from every direction. And most of these distractions are manufactured by YOU. The 40+ tabs on your computer, the smartphone “calling your name,” the random idea that you need to research RIGHT THIS MINUTE. And, my favorite distraction, social media.


It’s no wonder we struggle to get work done.


Though technology has created so many ways to distract us, it’s also created ways to help us focus on what’s important to us. And this week on the podcast, Jessie Patterson is sharing what some of these are.


Jessie helps people unlock their authentic dream life, something she did herself by figuring how to be more productive while working less and living a nomadic lifestyle. As a fellow neurodivergent, Jessie understands how our brains work and has tips, tricks, and tools you can try so you can live your own best life.


About Jessie Patterson:

Jessie Patterson helps clients unlock their time to build an authentic dream life. As a former Real Estate Development Executive, Jessie was able to reimagine her digital habits to unlock 38 days of her year back when she thought she had ZERO extra time.


Jessie is now focused on the most valuable real estate in the world...the mind & body. As a Transformational Coach and founder of NourishX she helps her clients with keys to unlocking their dreams via coaching programs and online courses.


Every purchase provides 15%+ towards impact partners that are working to create a world where all kids have quality education, housing, food, and water.


You can learn more on Jessie’s website, follow her on Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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Time Stamps:


  • [1:02 ] - Spending time in a magical place
  • [1:43 ] - Welcoming Jessie Patterson
  • [2:40 ] - Made small changes to unlock time, energy, and mindset to get days back in her life
  • [6:04 ] - Honor your differences when it comes to your dream life
  • [8:43 ] - You can question the narrative
  • [10:29 ] - Learning that being dyslexia is part of being neurodivergent
  • [12:56 ] - Focusing on your creativity is a more fun world than focusin gon what you don’t do well
  • [14:58 ] - Reimagine how you could live
  • [15:42 ] - Your mind is a jail that keeps you blocked
  • [16:34 ] - We spend 2.5 hours a day on social…that’s 38+ days of your year
  • [17:30 ] - Are your stories keeping you stuck
  • [18:46 ] - The power of the digital detox
  • [19:29 ] - How often do you pick up your phone and hours pass?
  • [21:30 ] - Getting caught up in your business is a fallacy
  • [22:11 ] - Instead of Googling something, make a note in Notes and go back to it later
  • [24:0]5 - Allow yourself rest so you can show up as your best self
  • [26:30 ] - Working too much is robbing us of our happiness
  • [29:46 ] - Work on one task for 10 minutes
  • [31:01 ] - Strategies to unblock time
  • [33:47 ] - Over 45% of our day is habits
  • [36:15 ] - Don’t beat yourself up if something feels hard
  • [39:55 ] - Start with one small thing
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161. Small Changes to Get Time Back in Life with Jessie Patterson

161. Small Changes to Get Time Back in Life with Jessie Patterson