DiscoverThe Portal33: Josh Wolfe - The Mind Financing The Future
33: Josh Wolfe - The Mind Financing The Future

33: Josh Wolfe - The Mind Financing The Future

Update: 2020-05-0327


 Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital is a leading mind in the current wave of venture capitalists making waves. While aware of each other for some time, in this episode Josh sits down with Eric for their first meeting. Together the two explore various topics from comparing notes on their encounters with Jim Watson of DNA fame, to talking about what society gets wrong and how to see that as a source of opportunity. 

It is frequently asked what makes a great venture capitalist. This conversation reveals that it is likely not one thing but a combination of rigor, breath, flexibility of mind, openness, self-skepticism and mental courage to take on the unknown. That is because the myriad concerns that arise in any early stage attempt to grab the future by the tail from only the information available to us in the present will easily overwhelm those with narrow specializations. As the conversation takes many twists and turns, Josh's flexibility is put to the test as he freely doles out numerous wise observations from his wealth of experience.

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Darrell Richards

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33: Josh Wolfe - The Mind Financing The Future

33: Josh Wolfe - The Mind Financing The Future