DiscoverThe Portal34: Zev Weinstein - On Parenting, Boys & Generation Z
34: Zev Weinstein - On Parenting, Boys & Generation Z

34: Zev Weinstein - On Parenting, Boys & Generation Z

Update: 2020-05-1328


This is the first episode of The Portal which was 100% recorded at home, during quarantine, under social isolation. The guest is none other than my own son Zev Weinstein and the recording was timed to straddle his midnight transition from being 14 into being 15 years old. 

Zev is currently a 9th grader who occasionally posts to his YouTube Channel GenerationZ ( and his Twitter Account @Zev__Weinstein ( In this episode, we sit down to discuss history, poetry, COVID19, jewish humor and other issues, as well as the three questions I am frequently asked about on the topic of parenting: 

A) What is the proper approach to parenting a child whose learning differences are significant? 

B) Do you have any novel approaches to parenting? 

C) What is the best way to parent young boys in a world that cannot find a shared positive vision of masculinity worth celebrating? 

Rather than attempt to answer these questions entirely on my own, I thought it would make sense to bring Zev onto The Portal to discuss them with me in his own distinct voice. I hope you will enjoy this episode in the spirit with which it was recorded, and that you will encourage Zev to speak on issues of Generation Z. They are already quite well equipped to discuss how they view the generations above them in handling the world, whose stewardship they will soon inherit. 

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Jun 26th

Chuck Schneider

This has been one of the most interesting podcasts I've ever heard. Very impressive young man you have there!

May 21st

Mironov Maxim

@EricRWeinstein your son is incredibly impressive! He sounds like a thirty year old PhD professor. Really blown away by this!

May 17th

Mironov Maxim

What the fuck. He's like thirty. Voice, speech, thought. Really impressive

May 17th

Matthew Register

It'd be amusing if your son had Joe rogans kids on his podcast.

May 14th

Fred Mintz

I am so impressed by your son. maybe do a portal podcast on parenting?

May 13th

Caleb Anderson

just the fact that your son is this capable in high level discussion at his age is incredible. not only is Zev engaging in his own unique way, but he shows a such a high level of maturity as to make me, a 19 year old want to up my game.

May 13th








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34: Zev Weinstein - On Parenting, Boys & Generation Z

34: Zev Weinstein - On Parenting, Boys & Generation Z