DiscoverThe Portal42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions
42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions

42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions

Update: 2020-12-0228


In this solo episode, Eric shares three related audio essays. In the first essay, Eric admits that he has spent the last four years asserting that Donald Trump represented an Existential Risk, but without the usual contempt for his supporters. Here, Eric finally responds to the frequent requests for clarification of his unusual position, by beginning to explain what is behind his view of the Trump and MAGA phenomena.  

In the second essay, Eric discusses the odd phenomena of Trump's post election strategy of contesting the election, and what to make of all those who refuse to accept Biden's apparent win despite the state of the legal battles and election certifications. 

In the last essay, Eric discusses loyalty in the context of close relationships where there are accusations of impropriety, and uses the framework set out to provide context for Sam Harris' public displeasure with still unnamed members of the Intellectual Dark Web. 

N.B. Eric and Sam have recently discussed the matter privately to make sure they have a generally shared mutual understanding of the events. 

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Comments (22)

Daymon Pascual

U RAWK! Plz keep us @least supplied w/good essays like this1. Thnx.

Dec 21st

Mark Russell

Requires several listens. And worth it.

Dec 19th


Fantastic essay!

Dec 15th

Jonathan Petherbridge

Anyone else get an image of Eric with Sam in a head lock while Sam bites down on his arm, behind closed doors of course? just me?

Dec 4th
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Arthur D'Arrigo

im really disappointed with Eric here. without getting into the weeds i suppose i would characterize his takes as "lacking wisdom" . his approach to Trump is really overdetermined. trump is pretty simple- an unscrupulous sales person latched on to a feckless party that has been nourishing resentment for 30 years and understands that you can buy respect by juicing the stockmarket in the short term. and i understand that he has a problem with " elites" but to go from that to claiming all elections are fraudelent...well what is the standard then. its cynicism, and therefore cowardice.

Dec 3rd
Reply (11)


Trump's delayed low key repudiation of rightwing extremists after repeating his, "both sides were good people", isn't repudiation fella. As a "first principle thinker " and a Jewish person, you should be the first to realize that his statements were nothing else than high pitched dog whistles to the Nazis. First principle thinker indeed.

Dec 2nd
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42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions

42: Cashing Out My Trump & IDW Positions