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4 Leader Types: Become a Positive Influence Leader

4 Leader Types: Become a Positive Influence Leader

Update: 2023-08-02


4 Types of Leaders and Becoming a Positive Influence Leader

Let's be honest. Success does not happen in isolation. In fact, if we look back there has been someone or many people that have had a positive influence on where you are today.

It could have been a parent, teacher, coach, consultant, manager, supervisor, or perhaps a rale model you have never met that you took on some qualities and intertwined them with your own personality to help get you where you are today.

Those people are Positive Influence Leaders. And in this episode of A New Direction we discover what types of positive leaders have made the most influence on us and what kind of positive influence leader you may be. Co-author Glenn Parker joins us and breaks down his latest book "Positive Influence: The Leader Who Helps People Become Their Best Self".

The book "Positive Influence : The Leader Who Helps People Become Their Best Self" is incredibly powerful about this book, not only will this book describe the 4 different leaders:

The Supportive Positive Leader, The Teacher, The Motivator, and The Role Model, but there is also an assessment in the book to help you identify which type you are most dominant in. Join Us for Positively Influential show!

Positive Influence is a phenomenal insightful read. It not only describes the 4 types of leader styles, and then it helps us identify which one or two or three types we may have and what we need to do to become all balanced in all for to become a Positive Influence.

The fact is we all have some natural tendency for how we demonstrate ourselves to others as a leader.

Perhaps you lead as a Positive Influence Supportive Leader who is ready with a helping hand.

Or Maybe your are more of a Positive Influence Teacher Leader giving the wise practical insights to help your people move forward..

Perhaps you are the inspiring and motivating Positive Influence Motivational Leader helping them find their "true north" and their "core purpose".

Then again, you could be the Role Model Positive Influence Type where your example is one that others gravitate to.

As Glenn points out in this episode the goal is to develop all 4 of these areas in your life to become the true Positive Influence Leader that people are looking for and they ultimately need.  Get your copy by clicking here!

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The first 5 people that purchase Positive Influence and give it to someone they know, if you will email Glenn at he will send you a signed replacement copy!

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4 Leader Types: Become a Positive Influence Leader

4 Leader Types: Become a Positive Influence Leader

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