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Age is just a Number with Bharat Kapadia

Age is just a Number with Bharat Kapadia

Update: 2019-03-281


"If I can do it, so can you"... Bharat Kapadia

Bharat is 66 and has run almost 25 half marathons since 2007 and is still going strong.

Bharat's career spans across several media houses in leadership roles and he has won a number of media awards. He spearheaded the Vote for Taj Campaign which resulted in the Taj Mahal making it in the New ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ list. He is Founder of and Juhu Marathon.

He is charming and infectiously positive as you are about to discover, and we fondly call him “Bharat bhai”. On this show, Bharat shares what keeps him going, how he has managed to run better every passing year and his role in making the Juhu Marathon happen.

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What you'll get on this show:

02:22 Bharat Kapadia's wit.

03:24 How he went from being a non-runner to runner at the age of 54.

08:15 The time he completed his first half marathon.

10:30 One small encouragement can brighten someone else’s life.

13:20 His consistent personal improvement on timing for nine years.

17:28 Bharat's NGO Get Fit through sports and How he encouraged several other people to take up running

19:15 Getting Hrithik Roshan on board for Juhu Run.

22:46 Bharat's remarkable innovation of developing the fragrance for newspaper.

26:16 How running has impacted other areas of his life

28:38 Bharat's hobby on singing.

29:44 Does he feel running is hard sport ever?

33:30 Early mornings and morning ritual.

37:30 His experience with ultramarathoner Scott Jurek.

42:10 Sprint Round


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Nirav Desai

Fantastic interview Vinee, as usual Bharat Bhai was witty & hilarious 😊👍

Mar 28th








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Age is just a Number with Bharat Kapadia

Age is just a Number with Bharat Kapadia

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