Welcome to the Run2Vin Podcast

Welcome to the Run2Vin Podcast

Update: 2018-10-178


Running is life transformational! From the time i started training for my first half marathon till date, I have become grittier, fitter, leaner and way more resilient. Falling in love with yourself is what running teaches you. You start listening to your body keenly and you sync with every part of your body. I’ve met some of my closest friends like family because of running.

When I started applying the discipline, determination and dedication for running to other areas of my life - be it work, fitness or relationships, I started seeing positive accomplishments just like i felt with every milestone I crossed on training days and race days. I wondered if this was the case with other runners too and over time I was privileged to hear of some of the most amazing inspirational journeys where the foundation of radical recovery or substantial growth was laid by the commitment to running. Through this podcast I intend to bring such stories and more to share the experiences and wisdom that might motivate you to tap into excellence and maximize your potential.

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Kalpesh Raichura

this is brilliant Vinee. Have been wanting to run for a long time and kept the dream aside. You have pulled the trigger for me. Thanks for this podcast. Looking forward to hear lots on this.

Oct 30th
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Welcome to the Run2Vin Podcast

Welcome to the Run2Vin Podcast

Vinee Ajmera