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Audio Blog Nope A turning point in my mind

Audio Blog Nope A turning point in my mind

Update: 2020-01-13


The original written blog post is at Musings of KarlettaA. It is filed under the categories of Mental Health, and Autism.

Since writing this blog post in August 2019, there have been two more chaotic times where my productivity disappeared. I'm sorry this is late. Two new videos about this on my YouTube channel KarlettaA. What instability does to me

Audio Blog Nope A turning point in my mind
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Ten years ago I joined Twitter with the username @KarlettaA.

As my mum said to my support co-coordinator this year – “She’s done a full 360. She’s not the same person”. “I can’t see it”, I said. “No, she can’t”. “Not always anyway”, I said, with a warm, wry smile.

I’ve grappled with changing the title of the post “My autistic burnout and recovery“. I didn’t want to jinx the wonderful progress I’ve made in the past decade. Until now I never felt sure that I had recovered enough to warrant the word “recovery”.

Karletta Abianac ✏📖
· Aug 14, 2018

Poem a Day: Cycles
This poem is about going through cycles of confidence, hope and a lack of trust in my abilities. It is from my chapbook "Inaccessible"

Did you know
I go through cycles?
Feeling confident
A lessoning of hope
Failing too much
Feeling unreliable...

I haven’t known how to describe my life in 2019 – I am doing really bloody well. I just have bad hours or days. The first six months were busy, busy, busy marked with instability. I’m on a Management Committee again. My writing, when I can write, has vastly improved. My days are full.

In the first six months of 2019, not knowing who and when my support workers would arrive brought me to my knees. My support coordinator and I were frequently re-demanding consistent support promised to me through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Yenn Purkis
6:00 PM - Mar 17, 2019

Latest episode of my #Autism #Neurodiversity podcast show. I interviewed @KarlettaA about #writing and #Mentalhealth
Podbean ‎@podbeancom

Soaring through life again

Now that we’ve changed the provider for my support workers – and them understanding my needs for stability and reliability – I’m soaring through life again. 2009 Karletta would be surprised at how calm I am during my productive times.

I’m keeping my house consistently tidy and clean. I am able to remain mostly calm while tidying and doing meal preparation. I’ve been going out for mid-week café, social, and shopping trips. To my surprise, I’ve been wearing colourful clothes. I’ve been nesting – enjoying puttering around at home.

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Audio Blog Nope A turning point in my mind

Audio Blog Nope A turning point in my mind