DiscoverWait What Really OK with Loren WeismanAuthentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions
Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions

Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions

Update: 2020-10-04


A great deal of networking has reduced in authenticity while being amplified in the popularity and number count of making as many contacts as possible over making the right type of connections.

Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions is topic for S7 E10 #123 of the FSG Messaging and Optics Podcast Wait What Really OK.

Creating an authentic connection with a new contact these days seems more challenging than ever. With so many rushing to reach so many as fast as possible and find out as quickly as possible whether or not this person will be of benefit, there is a loss of the integrity, authenticity and authority in messaging introductions. Slowing down the need for numbers and making an effort to see them as people and not numbers is one of many simple steps that can allow for better engagement.

This goes for the cold contact you meet on the street, down to the networking groups that seem to be everywhere.

Every day, there is a new networking group, whether online or offline promises to introduce you to the greatest people and make the greatest connections and bring you the most sales. If this was true, why are there so many groups out there and why are so many people part of dozens of these groups?

Taking a step back to look at how you are connection, communicating and especially listening is key. When you consider the oversaturation of the me movement to make a contact that will convert and shift to creating an initial authentic conversation to look for a better connection, the difference can be felt.

It might make for less business cards collected, less hands shaken and less people introduced to, but in turn, you might just create a foundation of connection with those that you really should be connected with over a mass list of people that you hype yourself in front of with hopes of sales.

"Instead of trying to shake 20 hands, get 30 business cards and add 40 people to your LinkedIn, consider taking the time with authentic introductions and conversations that are grounded in connection over racing to see how quickly they can find a new conversion or sale."

Change the narrative of networking by creating conversations to engage authentically over just racing to a finish line to collect names and trying to build up as much popularity to be seen by as many people as possible.

Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions is S7 E10 #123 of FSG podcast, Wait What Really OK.

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Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions

Authentic messaging introductions and impression perceptions

Loren Weisman