Awakening to Your Super Powers

Awakening to Your Super Powers

Update: 2021-01-03


Happy 2021!

Have you ever wondered around your home trying to see if you can move an object with your mind? (I know I have!)  

Have you ever wondered why you got a "random" call from someone you were just thinking about?  

Do you feel excited when you watch supernatural movies, where people do really cool things (like move objects with their minds) and wish you could do it too?

If you said yes to any or all of those questions, then this episode will be a real treat for you and it came at the PERFECT time!
The year of embodiment! The year we get into a higher state of consciousness, where we finally realize our true powers!

We are such powerful, magical humans and now that this truth is coming to light, we are like the divine children learning how to play with the magic we've just learned about.

We were gifted these superpowers at birth. All psychic abilities were carried with you from your Spirit from before birth. However, there is no limitation in the Spirit world (when we are not in physical bodies) as we have here on this Earth plane. Mostly you have no memories of your abilities so it is more about learning to access and project it than to create it.

This episode was a Live Behind the Scenes Event held inside the Ascension Gateway Community, where an amazing soul not only shared her story but gave us tips, pointers and a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of her telekinetic abilities.

It's a long episode for a reason! So much juicy information was shared. So, grab a pen and paper you'll want to take notes on how you can begin tapping into your innate superhuman powers!

Enjoy and happy practicing!

To join LIVE events like these with awesome humans sharing tips, tricks attunements and more, join the Ascension Gateway Community. There's so much coming to us in 2021, now is the best time to be in a supportive, high vibe community with empowering, motivational and inspiring guidance to move you through your awaking and ascension. Lots of Love, see you inside!









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Awakening to Your Super Powers

Awakening to Your Super Powers

Ellyn Katherine