Miracles on the Horizon

Miracles on the Horizon

Update: 2020-11-19


How much of an influence do our minds have on our bodies, right down to ourselves? 

What kind of effects do you think believing negative thoughts would have on us?

How has your past experiences affect your current reality?

Are you using your abilities to manifest and heal yourself?

If we have the ability to heal ourselves, then it will take more than just positive thinking.  It's easy to try and mask deeper emotional wounds with a superficial mask of happiness to try and rewrite your past. However, the real solution is facing the depth of emotion within you.  Your past does not have to define your present...

In this episode I was interviewed on a summit infertility and empowerment. Bringing in my spiritual perspective, I share how you can recalibrate your energetic field to a healthy trajectory of natural energy flow and how you can open up the pathway to understand that there are many facets to why things happen as they do.

This episode (although about infertility empowerment) is not just suited for women but relevant to men as well. We are all light beings in a physical body but the way we learn and perceive our circumstances is not based on gender.


Are you ready to take your ascension journey to the next level? 

Join the Ascension Gateway Community https://www.ellynkatherine.com/community, where you can make real progress on your spiritual path, make connections with like-minded souls, expand further, lift higher, and make real and positive changes in your life that will set you on the path to enlightenment.

We’ll be exploring all topics related to empowerment, energy healing/clearing, intuition development, ascension gateway lessons, and many different modalities available to raise your vibration. 

Can’t wait to connect with you! 

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Miracles on the Horizon

Miracles on the Horizon

Ellyn Katherine