DiscoverUnthinkable with Jay AcunzoBonus - How Stories Happen #1 - Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker
Bonus - How Stories Happen #1 - Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker

Bonus - How Stories Happen #1 - Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker

Update: 2024-05-06


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Every episode, an expert, entrepreneur, creator, or communicator dissects a single story or draft piece by piece. Hear how they found it, how they developed it, how it might improve, and how they're using it to build their business and leave their legacy.

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Meet Andrew Davis. He is a powerhouse business speaker who’s given speeches in 35 different countries, at more than 50 events every year. He speaks to audiences ranging from marketers and entrepreneurs to plumbers and physicians — and there may not be a storyteller who is this craft-driven and obsessed with telling amazing stories in the worlds of business, marketing, and customer experience.

Andrew hosts a popular video series called the Loyalty Loop on YouTube, and he’s had a long career crafting stories of all kinds, including jobs as a producer for NBC and a writer for the news legend Charles Kuralt.

As an entrepreneur, Andrew has built and sold a marketing agency, produced docuseries for brand clients big and small, and authored multiple books about marketing and customer experience.

In this episode, we dissect one of his signature stories. It's been with him for almost ten years, and he can customize it across audiences and projects to arrive at basically any insight he needs to teach. It’s a rare look at how a true master of the craft executes the tiny things that create a big impact both for his audience and his business.

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(06:27 ) Meet Andrew 
(14:18 ) Andrew’s Story 
(22:38 ) Dissecting the Story 
(39:02 ) First, Last, Favorite

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Bonus - How Stories Happen #1 - Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker

Bonus - How Stories Happen #1 - Andrew Davis, Keynote Speaker

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