DiscoverUnthinkable with Jay AcunzoBonus - How Stories Happen #3 - Ann Handley, Bestselling Author
Bonus - How Stories Happen #3 - Ann Handley, Bestselling Author

Bonus - How Stories Happen #3 - Ann Handley, Bestselling Author

Update: 2024-06-06


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When so many people are excited to create a higher volume of content, shouldn’t we think more about what gives our work greater power? That’s what our guest today understands better than most, and she draws that power from everyday moments she hunts out, like a squirrel finding nuts in the yard.

Meet Ann Handley—she’s a best-selling author, a pioneer in content marketing, and a popular B2B speaker with a knack for imbuing ordinary moments with extraordinary meaning.

Ann reveals her morning routine, her idea capture system, and most importantly, her process and practice of becoming a word-class noticer of stories during a time when so many people simply stuff a screen in their face or turn to cheat-sheets to produce generic content.

In this episode, we dissect a signature story shared to her newsletter, Total Annarchy, which she sent to just over 50,000 readers. We zero in on a pivot point in the middle that makes the work resonate, and we find plenty of existential debates that unfolded in her writing process.

Together, we discover how to connect with an audience on a more personal level and leave a lasting impression, ensuring your stories aren’t just heard but felt. The best part? You don’t need to experience anything groundbreaking for your words to hit hard. But you do need to become a notice.

Jump into the conversation: 
(04:48 ) Meet Ann 
(19:36 ) Ann’s Story 
(26:21 ) Dissecting the Story


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Bonus - How Stories Happen #3 - Ann Handley, Bestselling Author

Bonus - How Stories Happen #3 - Ann Handley, Bestselling Author

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