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Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain

Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain

Update: 2020-02-15130


Lindy Chamberlain returned to the tent by herself and exclaimed a short time later: “My god, my god, a dingo has got my baby!”

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Episode written and by Elsha McGill and Erin Munro
Episode researched by Erin Munro
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (27)

Christian Menard

man I wonder if they did do it! I mean this one seems tough

Aug 9th

Rane dae

Thank you for a clear and thorough reporting of this story. The Chamberlain family has suffered far too much.

May 24th

Jessica Girl

what that poor family went through, is a national disgrace.

May 14th

The Everyday Bombshell

It truly saddens me when we allow a justice system to believe they are infallible and refuse to hold themselves accountable when they are wrong. The police butchered the investigation with shoddy policework (didn't take witness names or photos or blood evidence, mistook soda for blood, dingo hairs for cat hairs and took a doctor's lie of the name meaning something it didn't for fact without research. Many scientists dropped the ball, most notably the canine expert (who really was a pet dog attacks on children expert) not an expert on dingo behavior, the scientist who used a serum to incorrectly ascertain that the blood in the car was fetal blood, and the scientist who couldn't carry a bucket of sand in his mouth (good Lord what an idiot) The justice system refused to accept tons of evidence before and after from rangers that showed dingies in that area actively attacked people and tried to carry them off. Shame on them... They even tried to brush it under the rug, when she was finally freed to help on her defense, by claiming that they weren't going to put her back in jail for good behavior" and they were hoping that she would just drop the case and not try to exonerate herself.

Apr 5th

Alexandra Tieng


Feb 20th

Dianna W

the man held a bucket of sand in his mouth in comparison to a dingo carrying a baby in its mouth... is absurd!

Feb 18th
Reply (2)

Ben Polston

Anyone that makes a joke of this has no soul.

Feb 17th
Reply (3)

Just an Opinion...

more reason to have absolutely no respect for the media 🤬

Feb 17th
Reply (2)


It's disgusting that people are still making jokes about this even after she has been found innocent. Grow some compassion, a dingo ate her child..

Feb 16th
Reply (7)


Finally! I ran out of episodes last month, the it felt like going into withdrawal

Feb 15th


a dingo stole my virginity, sneaky little buggers

Feb 15th

Steve Dronzewski

This may sound terrible but all I can hear is Elaine on Seinfeld "Maybe the dingo ate your baby"!

Feb 15th


so glad you're back! been way to long

Feb 15th








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Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain

Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain

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