DiscoverExploring UnschoolingEU366: Talking Consent with Sara Davidson
EU366: Talking Consent with Sara Davidson

EU366: Talking Consent with Sara Davidson

Update: 2024-05-091


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Pam and Anna are joined by Living Joyfully Network member Sara Davidson to talk about what she’s been learning about consent.

Sara was previously on the podcast in episode 312. It was great to hear her family updates and to dive deep into the topic of consent. We talked about four different types of consent, enthusiastic, willing, unwilling, and coerced, and Sara shared some stories that illustrated these different types. We also explored some strategies and tools that have been helpful with our families as we try to live consensually together.

We hope you find our conversation helpful on your unschooling journey!


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EU312: The Breadth of Unschooling with Sara Davidson

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The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin

The Wheel of Consent

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PAM: Hello, everyone! I’m Pam Laricchia from Living Joyfully, and I’m joined by my co-host, Anna Brown, and our guest, Living Joyfully Network member Sara Davidson.

Hello to you all. On today’s episode, we have invited Sara to join us in talking about a topic that she’s been exploring deeply recently, which is consent, and I think this will be a really fun and interesting conversation. 

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So, with that done, Sara was first on the podcast a couple of years ago in episode 312, which we will link in the show notes. I encourage all our listeners to check out that episode and learn more about her journey to unschooling. We are very thrilled to have you back, Sara. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you on the Network these last few years.

I was just wondering, can you give us a bit of an update just to get the conversation started? How old are your kids now?

SARA: Oh, sure. I’d love to give an update. I believe that the last time we spoke on the podcast, my kiddos were 9 and 11, and now they are 12 and 14. In the last podcast episode, I talked about all the non-human animals that were part of our family and those have not changed except for we have one addition.

We rescued a bunny along the side of the road a couple months ago and ended up adopting them. And they are Bun Bun and they are a force of nature and we love them









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EU366: Talking Consent with Sara Davidson

EU366: Talking Consent with Sara Davidson

Pam Laricchia