DiscoverExploring UnschoolingExploring Unschooling Q&A (EU314 Encore)
Exploring Unschooling Q&A (EU314 Encore)

Exploring Unschooling Q&A (EU314 Encore)

Update: 2024-06-06


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Anna, Erika, and I dive into listener questions! We explore technology and “screen time,” deschooling, connection, and validation.

And as I mention at the beginning of our conversation, our Q&A conversations aren’t focused on giving anyone the “right” answer. That’s because there isn’t a universal “right” answer for any given situation that will work for everyone. Instead, our focus is on exploring different aspects of the situation and playing with the kinds of questions we might ask ourselves to better understand what’s up. We’re sharing food for thought through the lens of unschooling.


Our first question is from Ella, a new unschooling mom with three young children. As the family is deschooling, she’s noticing that the children are choosing to watch TV for a lot of the day. Her partner is uncomfortable with the situation and she wants to know about setting boundaries around TV time or how to find a balance of how her children are spending their free time.

Our second question from Tara is concerning avid video-gaming kids who used to spend more time playing outside. Tara feels stuck in a rut and like her children no longer want to do the things that they used to do. Often, when they do go outside, they love their time there, but it’s hard to get them out the door.

Our final question is from Nadia, who is trying to figure out how to support her children as they attend school at her ex-husband’s insistence. She’s wondering what her options are as she believes unschooling would be a better path for them, though it feels like she doesn’t have a choice given the circumstances.

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Exploring Unschooling Q&A (EU314 Encore)

Exploring Unschooling Q&A (EU314 Encore)

Pam Laricchia