DiscoverWomen's World Football ShowEpisode 214: Leire Beitia, Jeremy Meyer
Episode 214: Leire Beitia, Jeremy Meyer

Episode 214: Leire Beitia, Jeremy Meyer

Update: 2023-03-27


How are lower division teams in Europe existing in the wake of the big-money, big-brand teams? A new women’s team in the south of Spain called PFC Málaga FC is currently in the 5th division of Liga F in Spain and is changing the model of how small regional teams operate. And they’re winning!

We talk with 25-year-old striker Leire Beitia as she shares her inspirational journey growing up in Spain and playing collegiate soccer in the USA. How has her experience helped her grow as a footballer and what changes does she hope to make in the game? It’s an interview you do not want to miss. (9’)

Changing models that have been around for decades isn’t easy, but PFC Málaga FC realizes that it’s necessary in order to change and grow. We hear from Jeremy Meyer, hired to head the international operations at the club. What are some of the things they are doing differently to attract a global audience, experience coaches and players to the club? There’s a lot to learn and be inspired by and Jeremy shares it all with us. (39’)

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Original Broadcast Date: March 26, 2023

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Episode 214: Leire Beitia, Jeremy Meyer

Episode 214: Leire Beitia, Jeremy Meyer

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