DiscoverWomen's World Football ShowEpisode 221: Marie Margolius, Ayenda
Episode 221: Marie Margolius, Ayenda

Episode 221: Marie Margolius, Ayenda

Update: 2023-08-24


In the summer of 2021, the world watched in disbelief as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Among the countless lives forever altered by this tragic turn of events, a group of young women footballers from the U18 Afghanistan National Women’s Football Team found themselves facing a perilous crossroads.

Faced with an unthinkable choice – surrender their dreams and their freedoms, or undertake a daring escape from their homeland of Kabul.

On this episode we explore this unbelievable story and welcome a special guest who brought this extraordinary story to life in a powerful documentary. Director of “Ayenda” Marie Margolius is here to discuss her film and the lives of these remarkable young women footballers and their courageous escape.

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Original Broadcast Date: August 24, 2023

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Episode 221: Marie Margolius, Ayenda

Episode 221: Marie Margolius, Ayenda

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