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How to Nail First Impressions with Strategic Visuals

How to Nail First Impressions with Strategic Visuals

Update: 2019-09-30


​Episode Overview:


“How to Nail First Impressions with Strategic Visuals”

Here are our 5 BEST Visual Marketing Techniques - But first!

Episode #1 Overview: (Our first official episode) 

Our 5 BEST Visual Marketing Techniques -

1. Define your Message
2. Convey your Message Effectively
3. Research, Research, Research!
4. Set Actionable and Achievable Goals
5. Rinse and Repeat the Process ​

Visual Marketing Technique #1 - Determine what you want your audience to think once they first encounter you or your brand - Define your message.

Visual Marketing Technique #2 - Determine how to visually convey your message effectively. But first, make a list of 10 things that people see when they first interact with you or your brand. For each item in your list ask yourself 'is my message clear? If not, how can I fix that?"

Visual Marketing Technique #3 - Research, research, research! See what others are doing to successfully achieve a similar goal and learn from it.

Key word, personalize... What you're trying to do is give yourself something to reference, not imitate but to personalize and improve. 

Visual Marketing Technique #4 - Set Actionable and Achievable Goals. What’s the point in discovering a problem if you don’t plan on working towards a solution? Actions speak louder than words! So create a list of realistic goals and set some realistic deadlines for each of them.

Visual Marketing Technique #5 - Rinse and Repeat the Process. Once you’ve found a process that works, you should continually modify and improve it then do it all over again because great visual marketing is always consistent.

We hope you found our visual marketing techniques useful, now go forth and start nailing first impressions online and even in person!

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How to Nail First Impressions with Strategic Visuals

How to Nail First Impressions with Strategic Visuals

Shanice Linton & Lacy Harrison