DiscoverPatient Growth AcceleratorThe Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media
The Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media

The Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media

Update: 2020-08-13


"The Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media" 

This episode was recorded virtually during the COVID19 quarantine. - Subscribe to the visual vybz studios YouTube channel to watch this episode's virtual video recording.

Episode Show Notes -

Visual psychology can affect a potential patient’s decision to trust your practice or make future purchases. This is why understanding visual psychology and developing an effective visual strategy for social media is so important.

Visual strategy creates guidelines and a visual framework for your brand, but most importantly it helps you connect your brand to your story.

Think of your story as the bridge between visual strategy and visual psychology. The most effective stories include both psychological and strategic techniques. If you want to really connect your patients to your practice, you need to understand how they both work together.

In visual psychology, one of the most fundamental skills you need to master is the art of controlling where your audience looks. In most design work, we control user attention by increasing or decreasing how noticeable specific visual design elements are.

First impressions leave lasting impressions on your audience and you wanna make them count. And that goes to show you how powerful your brand can be if you bring visual strategy and visual psychology together to effectively tell your brand's visual story.


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The Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media

The Power of Visual Strategy & Psychology on Social Media

Shanice Linton, Dina Tawadross & Lacy Harrison