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Jam in the Van, With Jake Cotler & Jack Higgins

Jam in the Van, With Jake Cotler & Jack Higgins

Update: 2020-04-07


We think the world needs more great music! Cirina Catania, the host of OWC RADiO, joins the guys from Jam in the Van and talks with Jake Cotler, the founder of the innovative recording studio. With him today is Jack Higgins, the studio’s executive video producer & content creator.

Jam in the Van is a mobile, solar-powered recording studio that is changing the way the world discovers new bands as they travel around the country producing live music videos inside their mobile studio and making them available online. OWC is a major sponsor, and the guys attribute much of their technological successes to the equipment they use from the family of Other World Computing products.

Jake Cotler created the concept for Jam in the Van in 2011 along with partners Dave Bell and Louis Peek. Today, Jake oversees all creative aspects of the company as well as the programming and business development.

Jack Higgins rums production, directs, shoots and edits the video and photo content as well as the live streams. Jack has been with Jam in the Van since starting as a college intern in 2014.

You can check out their website: and Youtube Channel

Listen in and find out more about this extraordinary recording studio concept that’s changing the way new music is discovered!

Today's music features The Marcus King Band and their track, "Side Door." Thanks, Marcus. You Rock!

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In This Episode

00:32 - Cirina introduces Jake Cotler, started Jam in the Van in 2011. Jack Higgins runs Jam in the Van’s production.04:22 - Jake shares the story of Jam in the Van’s official launch way back in 2011.07:37 - Jake tells the story of when their old van broke down in Fort Stockton and they sold it to a police sheriff.12:23 - Jack explains how OWC products make his work more efficient and effective in terms of production.15:42 - Jack shares how SlingStudio is responsible for recording their multi-camera angle using a Camera Link Wi-Fi pack and creating a Premiere Profile ready to edit.21:04 - Jack shares each of the team’s roles: director of photography, sound and mixer engineer and camera guy. 27:00 - Jake shares advice for people in the music industry on how to build their own team to work with in order to reach success. 31:25 - Jack shares the quality equipment they use in the van provided by their sponsors; Audio-Technica, QSC, Orange Amps, and Vessel Drums.36:00 - Jake and Jack tell an interesting story of their life on how they started their journey with Jam in the Van.43:38 - Like and follow Jam in the Van on their social media accounts to keep up with all their activities and watch their amazing featured artists.

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We're jammin’ with the guys from Jam in the Van. Times like this, I have to say I love my job. So come on in, we've got the inside story right here, right now. Jack Higgins is the executive content creator of Jam in the Van. He oversees all the aspects of production. I'm going to be asking him questions about the gear and how they do it and what they edit in. And Jake Cotler started this along with Dave Bell and Louis Peek in 2011. I think it's a great idea, you guys. Welcome aboard.

JC: Thank you. I think it's a great idea too.

Let's talk about this for a moment just so we can set it straight.
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Jam in the Van, With Jake Cotler & Jack Higgins

Jam in the Van, With Jake Cotler & Jack Higgins

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