DiscoverOWC RADiOZeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens
Zeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens

Zeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens

Update: 2020-04-26


Zeiss' Director of Cinema Sales, Americas, Snehal Patel, manages sales for the entire line of ZEISS cinema lenses in North and South America.  That means making decisions about how they sell, how they educate the market and how they help further the goals and aspirations of cinematography in the Americas.  This includes educational initiatives, creating content with filmmakers, participating at trade shows, film festivals and other events, and providing feedback directly from Cinematographers to Zeiss headquarters for future product development. 

In this episode of OWC RADiO, host Cirina Catania and Snehal take a deep dive into the world of Zeiss Cinema Lenses and reveal some of the solutions available to productions interested in some of the highest quality glass available in the world!

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise, a pioneer in the field of scientific optics, is headquarted in Oberkochen, Germany and operates in nearly 50 countries around the world. Market segments include, semiconductor manufacturing technology, industrial quality & research, medical technology and consumer markets.

Cirina and Snehal dissect the line of cinema lenses, guide us to more information and give us a look through the looking glass at some of the world's best glass. ZEISS is truly shaping the future of creative and scientific technology.

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In This Episode

00:09 - Cirina introduces Snehal Patel, Zeiss’ Director of Cinema Sales.03:58 - Snehal shares the topics covered under their educational Zeiss cine vlog.08:12 - Cirina compares flares created through special effects or plug-ins on a computer to mechanically created ones.13:20 - Snehal shares Zeiss’ less expensive lenses that don’t compromise quality from their cinema line.18:18 - Snehal explains the benefits of using Supreme Prime Lenses over less expensive lenses in the market.23:19 - Snehal gives an overview of the various family lenses on Zeiss’ cinema line on their website.28:42 - Cameras to consider using in doing documentary-style shooting. 35:11 - Snehal gives tips and advice on how to get access and change your mindset that can make an impact on your cinematography skill development. 39:02 - Snehal expresses how he loves to share his knowledge and support the art of cinematography to all the people he could reach.43:05 - Find out more about Zeiss cinema lenses and learn from various people with multiple talents by visiting

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This is Cirina Catania with OWC radio, and I have Snehal Patel on the line. One of my favorite people from Zeiss. You guys have been so good to me over the years.

Hi, Cirina.

I just wanted to bring you on because there's a lot to talk about. So you manage the sales of cinema lenses throughout North and South America, correct?

Yeah, for Zeiss Cinema, I handle North and South America, so that's Canada down through Brazil. We do have a distribution company in Canada. And otherwise, we handle directly with our dealers in our network for sales in the US and countries all over Latin America, including Mexico, Central, and South America. 

Oh my goodness. So you're awfully busy?

It's quite a territory.

It's a huge territory. I know you travel all the time,
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Zeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens

Zeiss Director of Cinema Sales, Snehal Patel, Through the Lens

Cirina Catania