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John Moore, American Novelist

John Moore, American Novelist

Update: 2020-03-28


This edition of OWC RADiO comes to you during the height of the COVID-19 virus quarantines. At times like this, we are able to spend more time with family, tackle projects around the house, cook, garden, play music or sing, check social media. Many of us are reading more and one of the most popular genres is classical Western fiction.

Host, Cirina Catania, catches up with John Moore, an award-winning journalist, popular best-selling novelist, photographer, cowboy, rancher, and minister.

Although on the surface this might be considered a departure from our "regular" programming, which is normally about tech and the creativity that drives it, this interview is about courage, perseverance, and honesty. All qualities that make us better storytellers. And since that is our end goal, we share this conversation with you.

A third-generation Montana rancher and cowboy, John's work is noted for his authenticity and vivid descriptions of life in the Western United States.

John grew up on a cattle ranch but left it to pursue life on the road during the "hippie" era. What he learned and what he brought back shortly before his father died, resonates with millions of readers who want to know more about life.

He is a storyteller, who keeps history, tall tales and true stories of ranchers and cowboys alive.

Some of his most known books include The Breaking of Ezra Riley, The Land of Empty Houses and Looking for Lynne, which won the silver medal in the 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction.

John was recently inducted into the 2019 class of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage, a nod shared with Pulitzer Prize winner Dorothy Johnson ("A Man Called Horse"), Pulitzer Prize winner A.B. Guthrie Junior and Norman McLean ("A River Runs Through It") among others.

It's been a bumpy road with lots of trail dust, but the inspiration gets us off our straight and narrow. Who knows what will come in the future?

Listen in and get inspired by John's courage, perseverance and authenticity.

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In This Episode

00:57 - Cirina introduces John Moore, an award-winning journalist, popular best-selling novelist, photographer, cowboy, rancher, and minister.06:00 - John tells a story of when he was 17 and their local newspaper offered him a job as a photographer and reporter. He ended up working there for 3 years.11:22 - John shares how he managed to finish his novel using a Kaypro computer working with Christian publishing houses.18:36 - John talks about his book The Breaking of Ezra Riley. He shares he felt like writing the ending was a gift to him given how close he was to the deadline.24:23 - John shares a tough and interesting story on his journey to publishing the book, Take the Reins.30:22 - Cirina shares the inspiration and reason behind inviting John to be her guest. 35:54 - John talks about the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage inductee.42:24 - John shares that having a strong sense of community is one of the reasons why he likes staying in the rural parts of Eastern Montana.49:24 - John shares how he had his books published online and being sold on Amazon. 56:21 - Follow John Moore’s Facebook page to check out and be inspired by his books. 

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As I record this, much of the world is in quarantine.
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John Moore, American Novelist

John Moore, American Novelist

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