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Michael Cioni, Camera to Cloud Deep Dive

Michael Cioni, Camera to Cloud Deep Dive

Update: 2021-06-06


There's a new game in Techtown, and it is becoming the industry standard for remote collaboration over the cloud. recently launched Camera-to-Cloud and it shook our workflow foundations.  Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovation, joins our host, Cirina Catania to explain in a deep dive under the hood how this will enable collaborators to transmit footage from camera/audio to their remote teams anywhere in the world, faster, easier and more secure than ever before. 

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* 00:01 - Cirina introduces Michael Cioni, the Global Senior Vice President of Innovation at* 02:23 - Michael explains what and Camera to Cloud are, and how long he and the team have worked on them.* 06:45 - Michael talks about the cameras and audio equipment that are compatible with* 13:05 - Michael shares the process of how files are copied and sent to* 17:41 - Cirina asks Michael how DITs (Digital Imaging Technicians) feel about* 23:09 - Michael talks about's naming convention and how it syncs up audio and video files.* 29:38 - Michael explains how secure is and its process of authentication and authorization of editors. * 36:32 - Cirina asks Michael how they made's file transfer function faster than other applications.* 46:21 - Michael gives some tips on how to handle the versioning of files in* 49:43 - Michael shares what he sees for the future of post-production.* 58:50 - Cirina and Michael encourage listeners to visit to learn more about its latest innovations. Also, check out its new technology, Camera to Cloud, at

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Michael, I've been bragging about you at the beginning of the show and here you are. I'm so happy you're with us. I want to talk to you today about Camera to Cloud,, post houses of the future, where we're going. I think this is going to be awesome. It's always fun talking with you. So welcome.

Thank you for having me. Like you said, we've known each other for years and been doing this a long time. I'm always happy to be back with you and always happy to talk to the listeners where we want the feedback because what we're going to talk about today involves everybody. We're looking forward to more communication with the community. 

It does. When you announced it, there was an immediate reaction in the industry about what you had presented. There is just a huge audience for this in media producers worldwide no matter what you're in. I think you really are going to change the future. For people who don't know, what is and what is Camera to Cloud? is an online review and approval database. It's the most popular professional review and approval tool in the world. We have over a million people uploading millions of assets a day into the platform and sharing them, reviewing them, marking them, and delivering them. It's a really interactive space—professional video sharing and collaboration—in the Cloud. Camera to Cloud is now a new feature set of where we can actually have people on the set, in the field, and shooting directly into, so that you can have access to everything you're doing, even deliver it right to an editor while it's still being shot in the process.

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Michael Cioni, Camera to Cloud Deep Dive

Michael Cioni, Camera to Cloud Deep Dive

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