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Moving Overseas for Love

Moving Overseas for Love

Update: 2023-02-14


Did you move abroad for love?

Long distance love stories for Valentine’s Day!

Falling in love with someone while travelling or living in another country can be a magical experience. The thrill of adventure combined with the excitement of a new relationship can create memories that last a lifetime, and a relationship built on a mutual adventurous spirit.

People move overseas for many, many reasons. Most move for a better life; however that may look for them.

Some move abroad to study. Some move abroad to work. And sometimes those people end up falling in love – either with the country, or a person they meet there. 

Perhaps your partner has a career move abroad and you go with them. This is also moving for love, because you may have to sacrifice quite a bit - giving up your own career for example. This is the trailing spouse / accompanying partner story, and is mine – kind of… yes, I’ll share my own love story here too, of course!

There are several variations on this theme as we’ll see in this episode of a compilation of love stories.

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Moving Overseas for Love

Moving Overseas for Love

Carole Hallett Mobbs