DiscoverExpatability ChatWelcome Back! A Bit About Me and Expatability
Welcome Back! A Bit About Me and Expatability

Welcome Back! A Bit About Me and Expatability

Update: 2022-06-27


Starting season 2 of the Expatability Chat Podcast with an episode all about me! 

Giving you a little insight into me, my life and what I do. Plus an explanation of what Expatability is, what that word actually means. Yes, I should have explained all that when I first started my expat podcast back in 2020 but I forgot!

I also explain why I use the word ‘expat’ when it still upsets a lot of people – it will make sense when you listen, I promise.

And I reveal a couple of case studies that give you an idea of why I do what I do – which is, of course, supporting expat parents with their move and life overseas.

I’m here to help you live the expat life you dream about and deserve, with practical and sensible advice and information. Along with some sugar-free tips, no BS tips and tricks to help you on your way. 

If you’re planning a move abroad, or if you’re already living your expat life, or even if you’re planning a move back home, you’ve come to the right place! I offer you experienced insight, advice, and information so you and your kids can live your expat experience to the full.

There are so many layers to this expat life that you need to know about, but often you don’t know what you need to know! And that’s what I aim to help you with. Knowledge is power!

  • Get expat life support at every stage of your expat journey - from home to away and back again!  Check-in to my waiting list so you can be first to hear the juicy details before anyone else, and get your priority boarding pass when the doors to this very exclusive club are open.
  • Want independent advice about your move overseas? For a one-to-one chat, please check my calendar for dates and options here
  • Visit for more free information about expat life!
  • Take a look at my Expatability site for more details, season 1 podcast episodes and ways you can work with me.

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Welcome Back! A Bit About Me and Expatability

Welcome Back! A Bit About Me and Expatability

Carole Hallett Mobbs