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Own Your Celebrity Persona - OffBeat Business Show

Own Your Celebrity Persona - OffBeat Business Show

Update: 2020-09-28


In this episode of Offbeat Business TV, host Susan Hamilton interviews Rekesha Pittman about her book The East Formula, which stands for entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer. She says when we connect all four together, we take our success from local to global, which makes us an expert. Publishing is a big part of this. 

When looking at the marketplace, most times success is not defined as understanding what not to do, but that is paramount.  Failures can be a great education.  “The only way to fail is to tap out or give up,” says Rekesha.  How we look at our business and package it up is what leads to success. 

The most successful businesses are interacting with others.  We are beings with energy and we thrive on the energy of others to be collaborative, innovative, and healthy.  When we sit behind a screen all the time, we remove the synergy that brings creativity.

Rekesha admits she goes against the grain and says, “Staying in your lane is aimed for those who choose to remain bound to the ground.  With the advent of change and technology and the way we’ve been forced to do it, what lane?” Don’t get too stuck to the way you do things and be open to making changes.    

People are now able to sell books and leverage books. Leveraging books allows us to communicate with people where they are.  The vision is bigger than you think it is.  A book can take your role or knowledge, give it a vision, and you birth a unique communication to others.   

If you don’t have a business model, it’s hard for you to do anything else. Whatever your business is, create a book - use FAQ’s that you get asked all the time and answer them in your book.  If you speak at events or do webcasts, transcribe your speech or talk, clean it up, and you have several pages worth for your book. A book is a lead magnet. Rekesha says that we need the expertise from each person on a unique level.  This is the perfect time to write.

 The EAST Signature Retreat event will be held in June 2021 which brings entrepreneurs together to discuss, network, and act on their business.  People that have attended the retreat in the past say that they learned how to implement their vision. 

You can go EAST with Rekesha by going to The EAST Formula, text goeast to 33222 and receive masterful membership from Rekesha.

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Own Your Celebrity Persona - OffBeat Business Show

Own Your Celebrity Persona - OffBeat Business Show

Susan Hamilton / Rekesha Pittman, The EAST Formula