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Seated2Serve - Self Care with Brenda Wakefield

Seated2Serve - Self Care with Brenda Wakefield

Update: 2020-02-18


Seated2Serve Host Jeff Bickerstaff talks with Brenda Wakefield about her proactive approach to health and wellness that has Rowlett, Sachse, and Dallas area residents experiencing relief. As a licensed massage therapist certified in therapeutic modalities, Brenda hears common complaints related to pain, discomfort, and anxiety that she's learned how to address successfully.

Can exposure to toxic environments provide a set up for poor health? Brenda says, "YES." Discover how to create personal spaces that do more to protect your body, mind, family, and workplace.  Most people understand they should consume more water, but how much and what type are questions we ask all the time. With so many waters available for purchase at the grocery store, and so many purifiers with different claims and widely variable price points available at our fingertips, the consumer market is more confused than ever.

Today's technological lifestyles are another arena where we are just learning the cost of exposure. We can't simply avoid our computers, laptops, cell phones, smart TVs, modems or electric meters. More and more we are connecting everything we own to make our lives easier. Brenda makes the case for smarter ways to live with our technology safely, without disconnecting or limiting our conveniences.

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Seated2Serve - Self Care with Brenda Wakefield

Seated2Serve - Self Care with Brenda Wakefield

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