Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Update: 2020-03-11


Have you ever wondered why certain things annoy you? Does someone popping their gum irritate you? How about if someone cracks their knuckles, drinks directly from the carton, or leaves dirty laundry on the floor? If so, have you ever been curious about why certain things bother you? In episode 14, Pet Peeves, Elaina and Tracy shared a few of their pet peeves and discuss what they believe to be the root cause.

Tracy expressed how the lack of manners and common courtesies push her buttons. She provided the example of a man at the station who hopped in front of her to get on a train first. Men who don’t hold the door open. Kids who don’t speak when they enter a room, please, and thank you. Social etiquette, this is something that’s lost in society today, and people don’t have it. 

Pet Peeve can form from a negative experience that’s just hanging out in our amygdala. And when those situations come up, we get triggered. 

Elaina challenged Tracy’s expectations of men. Tracy responding with, all women want men to hold doors but like to stand there until the man opens the door. I know it’s silly, but I kind of feel like with women, that whole us being precious and us being adored. I think that’s been lost. So, when it happens, it just kind of annoys me. Like, Ugh, do you not see I’m a woman standing here. 

Elaina responded with, well, it was lost when we decided to burn our damn bras and demand for equality. 

Elaina shared how people not following the rules set a terrible example and breed entitlement. You are setting a bad example because you’re not following the rules. You’re so special that you don’t have to abide by the rules like the rest of us? I am a person that believes in structure and processes. It also annoys me when I always find clothes land next to the laundry basket on the floor, not in the laundry basket. 

Pet peeves may seem small, strange, petty, but if we take a step back, we can often trace back to a previous incident that triggered the reaction or planted the seed. 

It’s just interesting to me because a lot of us know that some things annoy us, but we don’t take that time to think deeper about it. I think if more of explored why things bother us, we become self-aware and have more control over our actions, reactions, and emotions.

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Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Elaina Jones and Tracy Hampton