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Wine Tears and Jellybeans

Wine Tears and Jellybeans

Update: 2020-05-13


"My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude."– Warsan Shire

In episode 17, Wine Tears and Jellybeans, Elaina is joined by entrepreneur and vocal coach Katti Powell along with author and Relationship and Dating Coach Ieva Kambarovaite in a discussion about their experiences, challenges, anxieties when it comes to dating in their 40's.

Dating at any age is a challenge. As we grow, learn mature, and discover who we are as individuals, one would think that dating and finding someone to connect with would become more comfortable. For some, that is not always the case. Our life experiences and journeys shape our worldview, and often we carry the weight of past experiences into new ones. How do we move beyond these fears and anxieties to find not only ourselves but a life partner?

In this episode, Elaina and Katti share their personal experiences as Ieva offers an objective point of view, evaluating both female and male sides to this new world of dating and relationships. In the discussion, they address the following:

  • How to not become discouraged when overwhelmed by fake profiles and scammers.
  • How to approach with an open mind and embrace the experience.
  • Remaining faithful to who you are while being vulnerable enough to allow others to get to know you.
  • How to past relationships and experiences influence our actions, behaviors, and feelings.

Katti Powell

Ieva Kambarovaite

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Wine Tears and Jellybeans

Wine Tears and Jellybeans

Elaina Jones, Katti Powell, Ieva Kambarovaite