DiscoverTips Appreciated. A podcast by Nomtrips Inc.S2 Ep 3: Tips on Supporting Local with Eat Shop Love AB
S2 Ep 3: Tips on Supporting Local with Eat Shop Love AB

S2 Ep 3: Tips on Supporting Local with Eat Shop Love AB

Update: 2021-02-01


On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Michelle and Amanda of @Eat.Shop.Love.AB on Instagram to talk about marketing tips and strategies for small businesses, how to best use social media as a marketing tactic, and how to tell your story authentically. They speak on the many benefits of using social media to grow awareness of your small business and how to maximize the impact of your marketing budget so that you get the most bang for your buck!

Michelle and Amanda also share their thoughts on how social media influencers and micro influencers are being used as a marketing tactic, as well as the main challenges small businesses face in marketing and branding.

Did you know? If every Calgary household spent $10 a month buying local, the Calgary economy would get a GDP boost of $52 million and that would generate an additional 823 jobs in the city!

Like Michelle and Amanda say, don’t pressure yourself too much to buy local, it should be a feel-good act of contribution and support for your community.

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[00:00 ] Intro

[01:24 ] About Michelle, Amanda, and why they started @Eat.Shop.Love.AB

[03:28 ] About A2 Marketing

[05:18 ] Why small businesses struggle with marketing

[07:43 ] What does “local business” mean to you? + Misconceptions with franchises

[10:38 ] How do you find local small businesses?

[12:58 ] The importance of social media to businesses: Should social media be the primary marketing tactic for small businesses?

[16:54 ] Tips for authentic storytelling and copywriting for small businesses

[20:59 ] Candid thoughts on social media influencers + What makes a good influencer

[22:59 ] Benefits of utilizing micro influencers

[23:45 ] The personal impacts of supporting small businesses

[25:30 ] How to make small changes towards shopping local + Calgary economy stat

[30:53 ] Finding balance in supporting big and small businesses + The importance of tipping curbside and delivery drivers

[33:36 ] How to reach out to Amanda and A2 Marketing

[34:28 ] How to reach out to and work with @Eat.Shop.Love.AB

[36:17 ] Changing your branding and voice

[37:40 ] Explaining their first Instagram post

[39:53 ] Outro

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S2 Ep 3: Tips on Supporting Local with Eat Shop Love AB

S2 Ep 3: Tips on Supporting Local with Eat Shop Love AB

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