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The Ghost of 22 Mountain

The Ghost of 22 Mountain

Update: 2019-02-19


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It was dark and raining.

Clarence Stevenson left his boss’s Ford running when he got out of the car. He quickly looked around to make sure he was alone. Then, he walked around the car, opened the back door and pulled Mamie Thurman’s mutilated corpse from the back seat.

Wrestling it to the side of the road, Clarence grunted as he pushed the body of a woman he’d once considered a friend into a gully and watched it disappear into a bramble of blackberry thorns.

He thought she’d never be seen again.

He was wrong.

For more than eighty-five years, there have continued to be mysterious, unexplainable sightings of Mamie Thurman beside that desolate spot of mountainside highway.

Mamie Thurman’s story is one of scandal, adultery, deception, injustice and brutal murder in the small, coal-mining town of Logan, West Virginia.

Those who know her story will tell you that her murderer was never found, and she’ll continue to walk that lonely road until justice is done.

But, after more than eighty-five years, is there any hope of finding the truth about who was responsible for Mamie Thurman’s death? Or, is the truth just one of many dark secrets buried in the West Virginian soil?

<figure class="wp-block-image">The G.C. Murphy Building. The infamous</figure>

The G.C. Murphy Building. The infamous “Amour Club” met on the second floor.

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<figure class="wp-block-gallery columns-3 is-cropped wp-block-gallery-2 is-layout-flex">

  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Clarence Stephenson


  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Harry Robertson


  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Jack Thurman


  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Mamie Thurman


<figure class="wp-block-gallery columns-2 is-cropped wp-block-gallery-4 is-layout-flex">

  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Stratton Street: The Guyan Valley Bank is on the left.

  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">Stratton Street</figcaption></figure>

  • <figure><figcaption class="blocks-gallery-item__caption">The Logan County Courthouse.
    The G.C. Murphy Company building, where the infamous
    “Amour Club” met on the second floor,is visible on the lower left. </figcaption></figure>









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The Ghost of 22 Mountain

The Ghost of 22 Mountain

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