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The Power of Philanthropy

The Power of Philanthropy

Update: 2021-05-25


Whether you are raising a family, business or nonprofit, it’s crucial to give back with intention if we want to set a good example for those around us. That’s why Amanda Benson-Tilch, host of The Ask Amanda Show, sat down with philanthropy expert and consultant Michelle Rey, owner and founder of Power of Philanthropy (POP). Together, Amanda and Michelle discuss the importance of philanthropy in the home, office and boardroom – plus they share their best tips, tricks and stories for building successful relationships at each level of philanthropic work.
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 EPISODE BONUS: Need guidance on nonprofit development? Need help structuring an employee giving program? Book a complimentary consultation with Michelle Rey to discover your goals and create a plan to achieve them.

 Michelle Rey – Philanthropy Consultant:  Michelle Rey is the owner and founder of POP – The Power of Philanthropy. As a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), she has met requirements including 3 years of professional fieldwork, at least $1.4 million in fundraising, a certain amount of hours of professional development and a final exam. She is one of only 7,000 CFRE professionals in the world, and she’s Santa Clarita’s very own nonprofit matchmaker. 
With expertise in nonprofit fundraising and corporate giving, Michelle Rey is uniquely positioned to understand both sides of a powerful philanthropic relationship. She helps nonprofits find givers, and givers find purpose. In the process, she develops a lasting partnership that makes a difference for everyone. As the founder of Santa Clarita’s brightest nonprofit consultancy firm, she connects the nonprofit and for-profit worlds by showing everyone the Power of Philanthropy (POP) by Michelle Rey.
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The Power of Philanthropy

The Power of Philanthropy

Amanda Benson-Tilch