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The Why and How I started a Podcast

The Why and How I started a Podcast

Update: 2021-01-13


Have you ever considered starting a podcast to support your small business – or simply because you have something to say? In this episode, your host Amanda Benson-Tilch sits down with podcast coach and consultant Jackie MacDougall, host of Forty Thrive, to discuss the why and how of starting a podcast. Amanda and Jackie share the story behind their podcast launches and uncover the most important elements of starting a show. Learn how to identify your ideal listener, nurture an online community, market your content, and monetize your podcast – all in the first episode of The Ask Amanda Show: (#1) The Why and How of Starting a Podcast.
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About Jackie MacDougall 

As a broadcast professional for over two decades, Jackie MacDougall has been the driving creative force on major projects for NBC, Warner Brothers and Disney. She has served as the go-to person to help A-list talent, experts and other personal development thought leaders establish a unique voice and build community. As a podcast coach and consultant, Jackie has been guiding experts, entrepreneurs and influencers through the launch and growth of their popular podcasts. She provides one-on-one coaching, in addition to small group coaching sessions, that gives you the support, accountability and expertise you need to accelerate your success and grow your audience. Are you ready to launch your own podcast? Start here with Jackie’s free guide: 4 Steps to Start the Right Podcast

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 About Amanda Benson-Tilch 

While you may notice her first by her wit and second by her infectious sense of humor, the next thing you’ll learn about Amanda Benson-Tilch is: She’s a problem-solver. Owner and Growth Strategist of Ask Amanda Consulting, she offers the skills, tools and network it takes to get the job done — no matter the task. 

Working with each client differently, she helps identify blocks, present solutions, implement them, and execute. And if she can’t execute, she’ll connect you to someone who can. She’s helped past clients improve their branding, operations, customer service, marketing, company culture, and more. She’s organized a company-wide rebranding and restructuring after it was bought out. And she’s helped local small businesses increase their growth without increasing the headache. From consulting to full-scale project management, Amanda steps in to help your business level up with ease. 

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The Why and How I started a Podcast

The Why and How I started a Podcast

Amanda Benson-Tilch