DiscoverThe Executive Connect PodcastUnlocking Potential: NLP Tools for Leadership Success
Unlocking Potential: NLP Tools for Leadership Success

Unlocking Potential: NLP Tools for Leadership Success

Update: 2024-06-01



In this episode of the Executive Connect Podcast, host Melissa Aarskaug interviewed Kylie van Luyn, a Master Practitioner of NLP therapy. They discussed how neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be a powerful tool for enhancing leadership skills and decision-making, especially in high-pressure environments. Through real-life examples and detailed discussions, Kylie explained the practical applications of NLP techniques in professional settings, and how they can lead to personal transformation and professional success.


Key Takeaways


0:00 – Introduction


2:23 - Understanding NLP and Its Benefits 

·         Definition of NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals to achieve personal or professional goals.

·         Components of NLP: The neuro aspect refers to the brain, linguistic to the language used, and programming to how our brains are wired to frame and reframe beliefs and perceptions.


4:27 - Key NLP Techniques for Leaders

·         Timeline Therapy: Used to address and release negative emotions and limiting beliefs rooted in past experiences, crucial for sustained behavior change.

·         Anchoring: Involves associating a specific stimulus with a desired emotional state, helping leaders access confidence and calmness during high-pressure situations.


9:18 - Success Stories with NLP

·         Client Case Study: A new executive struggled with perfectionism and people-pleasing due to a controlling childhood. Through timeline therapy and reframing techniques, she transformed her mindset, improving her leadership effectiveness and personal confidence.

·         Impact of NLP: Highlighting the significant positive changes in clients' professional lives after addressing deep-seated limiting beliefs


15:11 - Essential Qualities of Effective Leaders

·         Emotional Intelligence: Vital for understanding one's own behaviors and building trust and rapport with teams. Leaders lacking this often struggle with connection and trust.

·         Visionary Skills: Having a clear vision and the ability to communicate it effectively is crucial for gaining team buy-in and navigating through change.


19:43 - Aligning Values, Purpose, and Mindset 

·         Identifying Core Values: Knowing your core values is essential for discovering your purpose and achieving fulfillment in both personal and professional life.

·         Growth Mindset: Embracing a mindset open to learning and viewing challenges as opportunities is key to personal and professional success.


Guest Bio:

Kylie van Luyn is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Elevated Coaching & Consulting Global. She is an international speaker, best-selling author, award-winning coach and consultant.

Kylie is a Harvard Business School graduate, a Psychotherapist, an emotional intelligence coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, and an accredited Human Rights Consultant. She has Master’s qualifications in Human Resources and leadership and her first book was published in 2023 on Emotional Intelligence. Kylie is an Executive with over 15 years of international experience specializing in workforce development, workplace psychological safety, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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About Melissa Aarskaug:

I’m an energetic executive with 15+ years of experience steering companies to new heights of growth and scale. An engineer at heart (I started my career as an engineering manager on one of the world’s largest concrete bridges), I’ve become a trusted leader and business builder in the technology and cybersecurity space. 

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Unlocking Potential: NLP Tools for Leadership Success

Unlocking Potential: NLP Tools for Leadership Success

Melissa Aarskaug